Radiation Island – Review

radYou heard of The Wild. You heard of The Survivor: Rusty Forest. Stories were written on both and expectations were high. But what was unexpected was Radiation Island. Do not be fooled by its cheap price of $2.99. This is as premium as a game can get on IOS.

Radiation Island stormed the App Store this week unlike any game before. It was made by the creators of the Sky Gamblers series. Atypical Games has truly made the ultimate open-world zombie survival game yet.

The graphics on Radiation Island has no par with any game of its genre. Truly, the developers captured the world that we all dreamed for on our mobile devices. The beautiful island’s scenery looks as if it was copied from a Far Cry game; combining a living island in every element that you can imagine – from the changing nature of the sky to the detailed beauty of a butterfly. The gorgeous world of Radiation Island captivates your eyes to gaze more and discover farther. In this game, the glowing stars of the night sky are more romantic than our night sky in the real world – Do get your girlfriend and stare at that gorgeous sky with her!

A picture speaks louder than words - literally!

A picture speaks louder than words – literally!

To add the thrill of survival on top of the realistic graphics of this game, the elements of nature are extremely responsive and interactive. Darkness will cover that beautiful sun at night, and zombies will rise to hunt you down. You will be able to survive as you would in a real life situation – by hunting wild animals, fishing your food, crafting weapons and camping it out like a pro (no we do not mean camping in the Modern Combat style). One thing about weapons that will make you look forward to is that you will be able to use bow and arrow and survive for your life the old fashioned way.

The story gives you a touch of enigma as it presents itself with a plot of you being stranded on this mysterious island not knowing how or why, an altered take on the Philadelphia Experiment – if you will. You will uncover the secrets behind this island as you discover the island and progress in the game. Information will be unraveled and new places found.

Breathtaking landscapes all around you.

Breathtaking landscapes all around you.

What this game offers that no other game does is that once you finish the single player story you will be able to play multiplayer in where you will be faced with your online enemies in an open arena for a fight for resources. And one more fascinating thing that will make you more excited is that you are able to hang glide across the island! Now, what is a game without hang gliding, right? Imagine yourself being chased by starving zombies as you run to the peak of the mountain. You can tease them a little and even be annoying as that 10 year old kid on Xbox live. And before they eat the last bits of you, jump on that sporty hang glider and fly across the beautiful landscape as the zombies stare at you with their empty eye sockets (there goes their closest taste to KFC).

If you are using the IOS devices that feature Metal (the new graphics technology on latest devices) then this game will take advantage of it by improving graphics even more. The game’s controls are pretty simple and as you would imagine it to be on any open-world game. The left side of the screen is for movement and the right side controls the camera. The interactive buttons can be modified on the screen from settings.

Inside a world you never seen before.

Inside a world you never seen before.

Finally, the immersive world of Radiation Island is the closest you can get to a console experience. It is certainly on the top of its genre. In such a gigantic world you would imagine it filled with a myriad of bugs, but luckily we were faced with only a few. You will not believe what you will see on your mobile devices once you run this game. If words can describe its glamour then we would say that its the most delicious eye candy that you never had. And to give you a glimpse of this game, Darkest Nation channel is generous enough to give us a peek into the alluring masterpiece that is Radiation Island.


We rate it 9.1/10

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