Heroes and Castles 2 – Coming May 14th!

Your castle is besieged by hordes of the undead, orcs, goblins and every abominable creature that you can think of and your only chance for survival is to rally mankind to fight for their home, for their life and for their honor!

If you have not heard of Heroes and Castles, then you have come to the right place. When Foursaken Media designed this game, they were blending Castle Defense, Strategy, and Action-RPG – a strange combination of genres, one would argue. But what the original game came out to be was a beautiful world where the gamer experiences the height of epicness. Now, Foursaken Media has released more information about the sequel to their original game. Heroes and Castles 2 has evolved into something much bigger than what we previously anticipated, into a console experience that will surely not disappoint.

With numerous and gorgeous environments to shed blood on, eye-popping marvelous graphics to behold and multiple heroes to choose from, you will delve into one of the most immersive battles ever experienced on mobile. You will be able to rally armies by your side to defend your castle or invade lands and conquer like Alexander The Great or just like an unemployed person sitting in his room babysitting his 2 year old son who needs a diaper change (another story for another day). Furthermore, this third-person experience is unlike anything you have seen before as it truly puts you in thrilling battles that will test your survival instincts to the core. But wait! It feels like the game is missing something… An online experience perhaps? Fear not, the game comes with 2 player cooperative multiplayer where you and your friend will defend against enemy waves, cover each others backs,strategically plan your next attack and unleash the hero within you! Heroes and Castles 2 is expected to be released on May 14th on IOS & Android and has the potential to become the best mobile game of 2015. You can watch a short trailer of the game below.

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