The Witcher: Battle Arena – Review

The Witcher has been a heavy weight title on console and was developed by CD Projekt RED, an ambitious developer that decided to bring their masterpiece mobile. The Witcher: Battle Arena [Free] comes in the form of a fast paced 3vs3 MOBA with gorgeous graphics and fun gameplay. The Witcher fans and followers will definitely recognize many of the characters and elements from the renowned Witcher universe. As any MOBA game, you will have several heroes to choose from and more to be added in future updates. There are custom skins for the heroes and the weapons which are available to be purchased. The good news is that you do not need to pay money to have an advantage over others.

Furthermore, we found that the character is extremely customizable as you get to add many items that are rewarded to you after every match. You will be offered 3 heroes to choose from every week, otherwise you have to purchase every other character. Fortunately, earning credits is not hard considering the average duration of each match is 10 minutes. There are two game modes available: Zone Control and Deathmatch. The first you will have to capture zones and hold them as long as possible in order to deplete your enemy from their points so that you may win. This mode is extremely team based and will need smart team work. The latter is a team battle mode where the team that gets the first 20 kills wins the match. In this case, you will find it more advantageous to stick with your team mates to get more kills unless you consider yourself to be the Chuck Norris of MOBA games.

Surprisingly, there are no lanes in this game where you can strategically locate yourself. In fact, it is more of you finding yourself on the run to capture or kill because the enemies are going to come at you with no mercy or remorse. You can choose between PVP, COOP vs AI, and PRACTICE. The first, you will be able to play against other random players online. Second, the CO-OP mode allows you to team up with real players against AI opponents. Third, you can practice offline against AI opponents. Luckily, you are also allowed to choose a ranked match if you feel confident about your skills or unranked if the nooby side of you is still manifest.

Granted, there is not much room for deep strategy due to the small map size and lack of lanes. On the other hand, The Witcher: Battle Arena offers a different MOBA experience that is worth undergoing. It is certainly more action packed due to the limited size of its environment which will keep you in contact with your enemies and have you alert the whole match. Getting killed in the game does not impact the outcome of the match dramatically because spawning takes a few seconds unlike the conventional MOBA games. It surely affects your ego when you get owned badly on the battlefield.

Finally, The Witcher: Battle Arena does not come without its bugs and glitches but they are minor and the developer has proven to be vigilant in fixing them. This game is by no means a competition to Vainglory or Heroes of Order & Chaos but provides a simpler form of the MOBA genre that is worth testing. With more heroes, modes and goods promised in future updates, we certainly are going to stay in touch with this game. Many MOBA admirers will find the unconventional design of the game unforgivable and irredeemable. Perhaps, the intention behind this game was not to follow the MOBA guidelines. Playing a MOBA game requires strategic planning and dedication due to the long matches that come with it. However, The Witcher: Battle Arena solves the problem of prolonged matches and offers you a more relaxed, fun and entertaining gameplay.

We rate it 6.4/10

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