Goat Simulator: GoatZ – Review

GoatZ [$4.99] is where horror and humor meet. If you are familiar with Goat Simulator then imagine it combined with a zombie survival theme, minecraft-like crafting and outright mad physics effects; such is the formula behind GoatZ. It has been released for Windows desktop as a DLC but as a new app for mobile devices. Thankfully, we got the chance to grab it when it first appeared on the App Store. While we absolutely adored the original Goat Simulator app, we couldn’t wait to test this one in order to see how flesh-eating zombies and fire-breathing elephants get along together in the world of Goatz.

We never quite imagined such a mixture of unrelated elements of survival horror and fun simulation to be in one game but that is what Goatz promises to deliver. Coffee Stain Studios have done a remarkable job on it and we are going to tell you why. First of all, the game is not that much different from the original Goat Simulator and you will find the gameplay, controls and graphics quite similar indeed. However, we must emphasize that they did tweak the graphics and you will see some minimal improvements in comparison to the previous installment.

Zombies will chase you

In addition, when you start the app you will be given the choice of playing the tutorial, survival mode or casual mode. Preferably, you should start with the tutorial where it will teach you how to move, craft and survive millions of zombies (Literally! Oh you are in for a surprise). The survival mode will be the most challenging of the modes and you will find the world infested with zombies that are hell-bent on sacrificing you and you will have to survive and feed your goat every 4 minutes or else you will be eaten by a horde of zombies or just die from hunger. On the other hand, if you do not have the skills to play the survival mode then you are best fit for the casual mode – where you free roam and just have fun without worrying about zombies chasing after you or the demanding search for food.

You can craft weapons to survive the zombie apocalypse

The peculiar crafting system is easy to use in GoatZ, you will find objects in different parts of the map which can be crafted into fun and funky weapons. You also can click on the crafting option which will be on your screen to see what objects you can collect and what weapons can you turn them into. Using crafted weapons will bring a smile to your face because they are equally absurd and artistic. They are easy to use and aiming is pretty accurate, so you will not find any problem in that department.

Of course, there is no story to this game. All you need to know is that you are a goat, you find yourself amid a zombie outbreak and you have no other choice but to survive – that is what any smart goat would do. You will, however, be given objectives to complete within minutes and the more you complete and the longer you survive you get to unlock crazy elements in the game. Moreover, you will find weird tools such as a mind-controlling helmet and a bubblegum shooter – that is how strangely comical the game is. You can lock different types of goats as well and more content has been promised for future updates. One thing that might cheer many is that it has an internal recording system, so you can record your gameplay without the need of an external recorder or jailbreak and it produces high quality videos with no lag whatsoever.

If zombies can shop so can goats

You will discover that the world you are in is slowly becoming uncivilized and more so zombified. The game presents itself as a product of mad coding and turbulent thoughts which makes it interesting to experiment with. There are several bugs in the game but it actually makes it more funny and unpredictable – which was originally what the developers intended. But the game did crash couple of times and we hope that it gets fixed in the upcoming update – if the developers intended to crash us too for the sake of fun, then they definitely got us on this one!

In conclusion, Coffee Stain Studios stupefied us with their astonishing creation of a world where our much beloved goat meets the abominable undead. With improved graphics, brilliant fun, rich experience and fire-breathing elephants, we found Goatz as a worthy title for its price. If you are looking for a game where you can turn humans into mindless zombies and then get chased by them till kingdom come, then this game is undoubtedly our top nominee. Thanks to the Darkest Nation channel, you can watch a fun gameplay of Goatz below.

We rate it 8.4/10

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