Til Morning’s Light – Review

At first, Til Morning’s Light [$6.99] felt as if it was a spin-off of the Pretty Little Liars TV series with its initial teen-drama and apparent thriller elements but thankfully this all changes right at the beginning. First, let us take a look at the developers and publishers of this game: WayForward and Amazon Game Studios. WayForward developers are very well known for their celebrated Silent Hill: Book of Memories game which was released on the PS Vita and now they have brought Til Morning’s Light as their debut to mobile. In addition, this game was published by Amazon Game Studios which previously published Lost Within, the wonderful horror game that we reviewed last month. So we see high credentials behind the developers and publishers of Til Morning’s Light and based on that we proceed to review it.

You are Erica Page and your friends, who happen to be typical, teenage spoiled brats, lock you inside a 200 year old haunted mansion because that is what teenage girls do these days. What we understand from the story is that Erica is somewhat of a social outcast who loves fiction writing and the school populars wanted to give her an experience to write about. In the game, your character attempts to make funny comments now and then which makes the game feel more interactive and fun. This game can be best described as a Puzzle game with Mild-Horror and it is all about exploring, deciphering, revealing and fighting supernatural elements in the haunted mansion.

The game comes with high-end graphics and beautiful, visual effects. Throughout the game, Erica roams the mansion with a flashlight which lights the dark rooms that you walk through which gives the game a natural haunted feeling to it. You do get to increase brightness from settings if you wish but the game is best played with low brightness. You will definitely love the vivid colors because they feel as if they are about to pop out from your screen.

The control system is absolutely designed with ergonomics in mind and you get to either tap to move to a location or use a joystick to steer your character. We had no problems at all in terms of controlling our character. You get to swipe and rotate on some occasions when solving puzzles or searching for an item which makes the game the more rich and interactive.

What really differentiates the game is its spot on comedy and fantastic characters with entertaining personalities throughout the game that make you feel as if you are in an animated comedy film. There are plenty of conversations that give a chance for character building, immersing you gradually well into the story. While it is marketed as a game with mild horror, the comedy in it is rather dominant and removes any horrifying elements in it which is not bad at all.

This game does make you think as you try to solve different types of puzzles and if you hate thinking then no need to worry. You can collect coins throughout the game which can be spent on purchasing hints if you are stuck on a specific puzzle. Different types of useful items can be bought as well – all which can be available at the in-game shop called the Shopkeeper.

Moreover, while we saluted the controls system, we found that the combat system to be infrequently precarious. In order to fight enemies you have to engage them with timed-taps and swipes which make the combat experience different from other related games. It can be argued that it is a proper combat system considering it is a mobile game for touch screen devices but we think that this system may lead the combat experience to eventually feel repetitive, boring and uninspired.

Finally, the game will indulge you with its unique comedy, adventurous exploration, amplified visuals and interactive gameplay. In truth, Til Morning’s Light does not live up to its full potential and this is not the game for you if you are purchasing it solely to combat the supernatural. While it is a compelling title that is fitting to be on the top list of mobile games, we question the high price set on this game due to the tedious combat system. But if you want a fresh perspective on animated comedy and constant interactivity then you will find that this game highly delivers in these certain departments. In short, Til Morning’s Light is a modern take on teenage drama and spooky mansions with benchmark visuals and modest voice acting which requires your problem-solving skills to advance throughout its puzzle-based experience.

We rate it 9.1/10

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