Mobile Gaming Dominates The Gaming Market – According to 2015 Report

Today should be established as a holiday for the mobile gaming stakeholders and stockholders around the world because we have fantastic news for you: the mobile gamer, mobile developer and mobile entrepreneur. According to the latest report by SuperData Research, the mobile gaming market has a dramatic lead over all the other gaming sectors. The overall gaming industry was revealed to be worth a whopping 74.2 billion dollars as of 2015. Over the past decade, the market has tripled in size due to technological innovations, enhanced broadband speed, and original revenue models. Surprisingly, the mobile gaming market leads with a 33% share equivalent to 22.3 billion dollars worth – a figure that exceeded the social and Free-to-play MMO gaming markets combined, and massively made 74% more than digital consoles.

In addition, it was found that 42% (equivalence to 137 million people) of the American population to be mobile gamers, an insane record that is well-fit for the Guinness World Records. This is why mobile gaming is the future arena for gamers, developers, and businessmen. Two & a half years ago, we established our network and predicted that mobile gaming will become the future of the gaming world and we worked actively to play a role in its future. Now, we are more than happy to see this great day come to pass and we hope all of our readers who enjoy mobile gaming to see this as good tidings for gamers worldwide. How these statistics will impact the gaming world is that gaming developers will start investing much more time and money into games and we will see even more console-like experience in the upcoming days.

Finally, for those who are interested to read the full report by SuperData Research then you can find it on their website by clicking here. Mobile gaming will only improve due to the uniqueness of mobile devices, with their advantageous mobile capabilities and ergonomic small size, it will not be surprising to see the mobile gaming market grow even bigger in size.

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