Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions – Review

The late PS4 celebrated title, Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions [$4.99], has now made its way to mobile retaining its full console quality. Who would have thought that the award-winning Geometry Wars franchise will be back with such an astonishing breakthrough in graphical supremacy? Activision Inc. and Lucid Games have stayed true to the conventional formula of the previous Geometry Wars installments. Still, the developers ensured that the novelty of the game was based on the small elements that define a game.

The game offers 50 Adventure levels that come in 3D visuals with multiple game modes and unique boss battles. It is the ultimate dual shooter that brings back a memory of the old school games but in modern clothes. The genius behind Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions is that it offers numerous modes that keep you engaged with its graphical marvel and fun gameplay.

The colors will leave you amazed

There are different types of modes, some come with limited time to challenge your speed skills. Out of the 10 battle modes, the best were: Pacifism, King, and Claustrophobia. In Pacifism for example, you have no shooting capabilities but you have to avoid enemy objects by running and detonating your enemies through entering gates. In King, you are able to shoot only from short-ranged zones. Luckily, Evolved mode, which resembles the original Geometry Wars experience is included in the mobile version as well. Unfortunately, we were greatly displeased to know that the multiplayer mode is not available on the mobile version and it was the first thing we were excited for. However, we want to inform you that you can still compete with friends and strangers through the global leaderboards – accessed through Facebook instead of Gamecenter.

Challenging modes will keep you occupied

The best thing about the game is that its fully premium and comes without any in-app purchases. What you have is the typical progression system that allows you to upgrade your drones and supers through the geoms that you collect. The game comes with old modes that have been modified and new modes such as sweep drone and hardcore. Perhaps the most challenging aspects about the game are the boss fights and latest levels found in the adventure mode.

The game comes with extreme leniency for touch control users offering dual and single stick touch control configurations. The game ran extremely smooth with touch controls and the auto-firing system aids you even more in playing this game. It also supports MFi controllers for those who want to upgrade their experience to another level.

Metal optimized graphics that blow your eyes

While this game supports iPhone 5 and above. It is best played on Metal supported devices and it is there where you will find eye blowing visuals. The game boasts console-quality graphics and rightfully so. We compared the PS4 version with the mobile version and we hardly found any differences in graphics quality. You can be confident that this game offers visual bliss.

The ported game quite retains its console-like integrity

In conclusion, Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions is a worthy investment based on many important factors. With its economical price, galactic-inspired graphics, countless fun modes, and a well-supported port from console to mobile, we found this game to live up to its console standard. While we are saddened by the lack of multiplayer mode we are more than happy by the price difference from its console version which is dramatically decreased from $14.99 to $4.99 only! If you are an enthusiast of retro gaming then you will find that this game is a reinvention of old school styled games with breathtaking tweaks and enhanced adjustments that will keep you fully enthralled. You can watch a video of this game below.

We rate it 9.2/10

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