Hitman: Sniper – Out Now

It appears that Square Enix, the developers behind Hitman: Go [$4.99], have brought to us Hitman: Sniper {$4.99] on the 4th of June, after long-time waiting. The game was previously in soft-launch but the developers said, ”…we believe if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing right.” Its assigned release means that they have finally got it right! Unlike Hitman: Go, this game puts you in the shoes of Agent 47 wielding a deadly sniper.

Agent 47 hunting his target

You start in Montenegro where you will be fulfilling contracts by assassinating multiple targets. The game was soft-launched as a freemium but is now being re-introduced as a premium title with new content – Great news to the freemium model haters!

The new release includes new content such as:

  • A new leaderboard
  • 6 new guns with unique perks and abilities
  • Rogue intel levels now unlock with player progression
  • Abilities are now free to use
  • Added target rotation
  • Added localization supporting different languages
  • Added cloud save via Facebook
  • Bug fixes and improvements

It was released on both, IOS & Android, on the 4th of June and we are checking this game out at the moment, are you? Don’t forget to check the trailer below!

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