Lords of the Fallen – Coming Soon (Exclusive Information)

Lords of the Fallen, the monumental, hardcore Action-RPG by CI Games and Deck 13 Interactive is making its way from console to mobile! The magnificent story tells of the conflict between the totalitarianism of gods and the rebellion of men. You are Harkyn, a convicted criminal with the scars of sin on his face, who’s quest becomes redemption and standing against the tyranny of the Fallen God, Adyr. This game has been positively received on console and is now being developed for mobile devices. We have exclusive information to share with you from a reliable source within the development team in regards to the content of the game.

Lords of the Fallen on PS4 & Xbox

There has been endless speculation on how will the game look like on mobile and what will it include. We are glad to tell you all about it! In the mobile version of Lords of the Fallen, you will play from a third-person perspective with a unique modified approach and there will be 3 available characters to choose from: Harkyn, another male character, and a female character as well. There will be a whole new story that will stay true to the Lords of the Fallen mythos. The game will have a progression system where you get to upgrade your hero’s abilities, weapons and items. Moreover, the developers promise to develop the game into an addictive experience that you will not forget!

The console version had superb graphics. We expect the mobile to rock amazing graphics as well!

Finally, we are looking forward to know more about this fantastic game and will keep updating you in regards to what more exclusive information we receive from our reliable sources. We have learned what type of game it will be and what will the game include and this is very big for the fans of the game. Its gameplay and difficulty were compared to that of the console game Dark Souls which is equivalent to the mobile game Ire: Blood Memory. We suspect it will be somewhat similar in regards to the difficulty of the game but definitely will be unique in its gameplay. Furthermore, It is expected to debut later this year. You can follow our website for more exclusive information in regards to Lords of the Fallen. This game has definitely become a top priority on our watch list due to its epic mythology and sui generis gameplay.

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