Modern Combat 5: Blackout – Update 1.3.0

An update has finally been released for the best First Person Shooter on mobile devices. Gameloft has brought more interesting things to enrich your customization but we believe many gamers will be disappointed. Since the launch of Modern Combat 5, fans have been screaming ”Custom Matches!” day and night and when there was a shred of a hint for an update for this month, we were all relieved thinking that this is the month where we finally get the custom matches feature. Having said that, you will probably receive this update with great dismay.

The new PR39 Pro is the new addition for the Assault Class

On the other hand, the update contains a plethora of additions that will excite you. Each class has been updated with a new weapon tier, both normal and pro weapons. Gameloft also remodeled the 7 new legacy weapons into military classics. You can customize your weapon with trinkets that have been added to the Battle Packs. In addition, two new more masks have been added: Firefighter Helmet and Paper Bag. One wonders how such masks can be of help in a real battlefield but hey, take it for the fun that it is and Gameloft certainly does not lack a sense of humor, so why should we?

The mighty Paper Bag mask which will allow you to be 50% less visible on the mini map

Moreover, 4 new camos have been added to make your weapons look even more differentiated from others which we are very grateful for. But the best addition to this update has been custom match… Oops sorry, custom matches were not added but they did add more kill signs so this should cheer you up.

The Firefighter mask allows you to detect grenade throwing enemies on the mini map

Finally, we cannot say that this update has not brought a lot to the table but this is not what we wanted or were expecting. The community has been echoing itself for a very long time now but perhaps Gameloft will bring custom matches in the next update. We are still glad that they have added these extraordinary features. Who thought a paper bag mask would make its way to Modern Combat 5? You have to admit, they, indeed, surprised us on this one. You can check a video review of this update below.

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