Hitman: Sniper – Review

The release of Hitman: Sniper [$4.99] definitely raised an eyebrow among reviewers, and while it is a top-notch sniping game that includes strategic planning into its mechanism, it did not feel enough. You are the legendary Agent 47 on an assassination spree and why not? You are a Hitman after all. Now, do not get us wrong, it is on a different par from other sniping games and this is one of the best sniping games we have encountered by far. But considering that the Hitman franchise has been a viral success, we definitely believe that Square Enix could have enriched the game even further.

This is not merely a shooting game but a puzzle game as well. While the previous Hitman: Go was publicized as a puzzle game, Hitman: Sniper is doubtlessly the more action packed of the two. Hitman: Sniper is clever and creative where you can ease the assassination process of your targets by luring them into locations to make your job a little less easier but a lot more dirtier. As you progress in the game the missions get more complex in nature. You will learn to master each sniper as accuracy is of the essence. Not only that, but you will learn to predict the movement of your targets and develop a sort of a Hitman-ish sixth sense.

Although you will find the graphics to be decent, this game is not about graphics at all. You will find yourself playing from one position while being able to scope and snipe. The visuals are not the best that Square Enix could have come up with but they are sufficient to pull off a pretty Hitman title. We truly think that the game could have been improved in that department.

In a narrative deficient game, you always try to create your own narrative. As you observe your targets and the situations they are in you do start building a plot in your mind and perhaps this comes from the creative design that the developers ensured the end-product to become. However, you will shoot more in this game than you will understand and there is absolutely no moral reason presented to justify your actions and as you see your points increase, you definitely will feel less sorry for your victims. On its basis, the game can be perceived as repetitive and tedious, at least after a while. Moreover, we found the best experience to be on the iPad rather than the iPhone and this can be attributed to the logistics of its nature and a bigger screen certainly provides a better platform for the execution of your operation.

You will see the world from the eyes of a Hitman

Furthermore, you can compete with your friends on the leaderboard but being on top translates into playing the most. Getting better scores requires a better weapon which you can purchase with real money and some can be worth as much as $9.99. But fear not, you are also able to unlock decent weapons through progression without the need to spend your cash.

Finally, Hitman: Sniper brings the sniping experience on a different level: A level that allows you to utilize your manipulation skills, a level that teaches you how to be patient and accurate, and a level that allows you to think ingeniously. This game is not your conventional sniping game and does not rotate its marketing around graphics but a concoction of the Hitman universe along with elements of the Puzzle genre. It does, however, beg the question, ”What if the developers added more to such a grand title?” Maybe we are expecting too much from this acclaimed title, but can you blame us? We do recommend this game as it is a distinguished sniping experience that you will enjoy but make no mistake, this game does not reach its full potential. If you want to prove that you are the deadliest marksman in town then grab this title and have at it and you will get to see the world from the psychopathic eyes of a Hitman. You can watch the trailer for this game below.

We rate it 7.9/10

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