Payday – Coming Soon

Payday, the intriguing Bank Heist FPS game will be making its way to your mobile devices this year. That’s right! 505 Games & Starbreeze Studios have announced that Payday will be coming to mobile really soon and it will be very competitive in nature. Does this suggest a multiplayer mode? We will have to dig deeper to know more in regards to that.

The game puts you in the shoes of masked robbers that are breaking into banks to steal money. Difficulties arise as police units attempt to capture you or kill you and the game gets very exciting as you can imagine. The beauty of this game is that it simulates a real bank robbery situation and allows you to take hostages in order to negotiate with the police if any of your teammates is captured.

Encounter deadly units that are coming for you

This game is expected to be a success because it had garnered over 9 million players on PC and Payday fans will probably be playing it on mobile as well. As of now, we have no information on how the game will materialize but we are hoping for the multiplayer mode to make its way from console to mobile. Stay tuned with our website for more information about this game.

One thought on “Payday – Coming Soon

  1. If this port is a direct port of the game and not a spinoff-type game, then if anything Payday fans will hate it, bashing it for its controls and graphics and such.


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