Democracy 3 – Review

You will probably never become the President of your country and we are sorry for bursting your bubble but why fantasize about it when you can become one in Democracy 3? Democracy 3 [$0.99] is a port from its PC counterpart that is a must have if you are a cynical thinker or a political pariah in any way. There are 3 main reasons why you should get this game: The game’s price has dropped from $9.99 to $0.99, the game has just received all the DLCs that were released for PC, and you will come out a more intelligent person after having played this game.

Before we discuss the DLCs we want to explain what Democracy 3 is all about. After all, not everyone is a fan of simulation games and might have not heard about it. It resembles Plague Inc. in terms of gameplay but it is extremely more complex in its mechanics. The game is a distinguished title that puts you in the shoes of a president and allows you to do everything a president can do while in power. The game simulates real-life events and for every decision you make there is a consequence that will need to be dealt with. In this game, you cannot be a liberal or a conservative, a socialist or a capitalist; you are a president and satisfying one camp only might get you ousted or even assassinated – we survived 3 assassination attempts, got very cocky, and got murdered on the 4th attempt. And if you ever wish to run for another term then you better make sure you have a sufficient amount of citizens satisfied with your policies.

You will discover that the world of politics is messy and unforgiving, and it will open your eyes into how complex it is to run a country. Ruling a country may satisfy the ego at first, but the cons that follow can be described best as extreme in nature. Warning! The realism that Democracy 3 depicts might spark some sympathy for the politicians in your country and that just shows you how politically accurate it is. Before you start the game you can choose to run any of the 6 countries available: UK, France, Germany, USA, Canada, and Australia. You can control the smallest details from choosing cabinet members to ministerial positions to whether you support the teaching of creationism or evolution in the classroom.

The game does not have fancy graphics because the game is not about visual attraction, its a strategic game where you are presented with a screen full of icons that represent policies. Clicking on one of these icons takes you into more detailed decision making processes. At first, you might be intimidated by the amount of icons that are presented before you but if you go through the tutorial you will adapt to the excessive amount of information that you must deal with. But again, who said that ruling a country is an easy task?

Not only is the game fascinating in itself but it has just got A LOT more interesting with all the DLC additions and we are going to discuss them one by one. As of the 20th of June, 2015; Positech Games ported 3 DLCs to IOS: Social Engineering, Extremism, and Clones & Drones. Each DLC can be purchased separately at $4.99 which sounds fair considering the game’s price was decreased by 90% for all of us to enjoy.

Starting with Social Engineering, you can now promote your campaign through TV ads and deal with 26 new policies along with 8 tough dilemmas on which to decide on. Furthermore, the Extremism DLC adds 33 new policies and situations that will make the game interesting if you did not beforehand perceive it as such. It delves into the more conspiratorial areas of politics where you can have secret meetings, ban actions and events that you disagree with, or even force the country to act as you will. Below is the trailer for the Extremism DLC.

Lastly, the Clones & Drones DLC puts you in the future world of robotics and moral upheavals. It is a time where technology has developed beyond our grasp and you get to decide whether drones promote security or invade privacy or if cloning is the byproduct of immoral Frankensteins or is the way towards a true scientific revolution. Below is the trailer for the Clones & Drones DLC.

And now the verdict. Democracy 3 offers an educational insight into the Machiavellian approach that politics requires and the entrepreneurial comprehension of modern business. This grand title is a product with high value due to its genuine representation of real-world dilemmas, its pragmatic and pedagogic influence, its economical pricing for such great value, and the constant developer support it receives. This is a perfect port that will take you on a political journey where you can understand the hardships behind running your country or it can bring you face-to-face with the byproduct of extremism and end up with your unfortunate assassination. Either way, you will leave the game being a lot more wiser and a bit more grayer. In Democracy 3, you experience a sophisticated political simulation on a level you never experienced before and that is something we can vouch for. You can check the original trailer for this game below.

We rate it 10/10


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