SBK15 – Coming Soon

We have seen many popular car racing titles over the years such as Real Racing and Asphalt but what the App Store really needed was a different type of racing. Today, we have superb news for you because the incredible Motorbike Racing title, SBK15, will be coming to your IOS & Android devices on the 24th of June, 2015! The original game was developed by Digital Tales, the creators of SBK14 & Ducatti Challenge HD. With great experience in motorbike racing games, we expect SBK15 to be a fresh and explosive introduction to our collection of racing titles. The game was initially released for Windows devices but a colossal game like this is destined for multiple platforms.

We have previously played SBK14 [Free] and we can tell you for a fact that it gave us the ride of a lifetime. To compare the graphics to other similar games would be the joke of the century. The SBK franchise has yet to find its competition in the motorbike racing genre. However, let’s talk about what the new installment will bring. SBK15 will include all the racing tracks from the official 2015 eni FIM Superbike World Championship, so this should be very interesting to see. In addition, 4 game modes are being introduced: Championship, Quick Race, Time Attack, & Challenge. As a fun addition, the developers have added a Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation mode! Say what?! Not only will we get to experience the authentic side of motorbike racing but the fun side as well.

Boasting console-quality graphics, the game is rendered with an advanced physics engine that simulates an intense, realistic experience. We all should be keeping an eye for this premium title because, truth be told, the mobile platform is deficient in motorbike racing games. You can check the trailer for this game below.

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