Her Story – Review

A few titles will pass as an authentic police investigation experience but we can all agree that none grant you access to a police database that involves real interview footage with an enthralling nature. Her Story [$4.99] places you in the shoes of a detective with access to the L.O.G.I.C. Database – A  database that includes hundreds of recorded interviews of Hannah Smith, a widowed British woman of a murdered husband. This mobile game is a leader in the Full Motion Video genre and this cannot be ignored. From the novel mind of Sam Barlow, creator of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and Aisle, comes a story so unique and unfathomed.

Following the discovery of the husband’s body, the wife is immediately interviewed, all which took place in the year 1994. The case remained unsolved for over a decade and now you, as an investigator, are going through segments of her interviews in order to understand the real mystery behind the case. You interact with short clips within the database by playing them and hearing the woman talk about different stories related to the unsolved incident. Names and locations that you never heard of before will be mentioned and it becomes your task to search each word by typing it in the L.O.G.I.C. Database which in return gives you access to more interview clips that talk about the word which you searched. Each word you search will grant you access to 5 clips connected to the query at hand. For example, you hear Hannah mention her trip to ”Glasgow” and you don’t know what happened in Glasgow so you type the word in the search engine and you will be presented with videos in where Hannah talks about the events that happened during her trip to Glasgow.

A story of moral dilemma and mind-twisting contradictions

Her Story will lead you to get your own notebook and pencil to record your findings and connect the dots. And, truly, it is this riveting immersion that has gained this game such popularity. Many things that don’t make sense at first start to make sense after you watch videos related to the topic that Hannah is discussing. With the hundreds of clips that you will explore, you will definitely feel enforced to think.

In addition, the database settings allows you to enable video subtitles, which prove to be abundantly resourceful in your investigation, and the option to enable anti-glare filter, which optimizes the game’s graphics better to modern eyes. The realism of the whole game is highly dependent on the magnificent actor,  Viva Steifart. Due to the 4:3 aspect ratio of the video clips, the game felt more natural on the iPad rather than on the iPhone. So it is recommended to play it on your tablet if you don’t want to see black bars.

The mesmerizing story will gradually become more twisted and shocking as you learn more in regards to the mysterious case. We played the entire game and we can only tell you that you will be moved by the end-product of the story. It will take a lot of dedication of searching and unraveling the contradictory bits and pieces that you will encounter. This is a story of moral dilemma and mind-twisting contradictions – this is Her Story.

An absolute, persuasive performance

Finally, we found Her Story to be the most gripping, dramatic experience in the history of mobile investigation games yet. With a genuine portrayal of the investigation process, a twisted and fascinating plot, a bona fide acting performance, and a pristine approach towards the world of murder and mystery; we approvingly recommend this game for the thinkers amongst you. In a world presented from the eyes of a suspect, you will finally perceive the extent of the moral hardships that investigators and policemen deal with on a daily basis. Sam Barlow presents Art through an ultra-modern prospect and Her Story is its manifestation. The only negative aspect of the game is that you will need to search many terms to reach the truth. This game is not for the impatient gamers, but having said that, you will find the truth truly rewarding in the end. So keep searching, for the the truth is out there. You can check the trailer for this game below.

We rate it 9.8/10

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