Siegefall – Review

For as long as memory serves, Gameloft has been one of the first mobile entrepreneurs to give the once fragile mobile market a full-time dedication. They brought some of the best titles to mobile such as Modern Combat, NOVA, Heroes of Order & Chaos, and many more. Naturally, we were utterly curious when we heard that they were working on a game very similar to Clash of Clans. Luckily, one of our members was one of the first to play this mystery online multiplayer game before its official release and we have much to tell you about it. Siegefall [Free] is an epic base-building strategy game with a medieval fantasy theme that has a much more intensified graphics quality in comparison to the classic Clash of Clans. However, in terms of gameplay, to each its own distinctive features.

You start with a small kingdom and it becomes your responsibility to protect it with walls, towers, traps and barricades. Of course, you need to accumulate currency to be able to afford building a well sheltered fortress. The key resources in this game are gold and wood which can rewarded to you in abundance just by playing throughout the campaign and online. The freemium model on Siegefall has been merciful and didn’t require purchasing any items to fair well against enemy players. Your in-game currency can grow rapidly by constructing gold and wood production buildings and upgrading them constantly. In addition, you can acquire enemy resources by raiding their bases and achieving 3 star ratings. The premium currency or Gems, can be purchased but also gained through gameplay and hidden chests throughout your kingdom.

Loading time delights you with epic artwork

One of the exciting features about this new title is that you get to choose heroes with special abilities during single-player and multiplayer battles. Much like Call of Duty: Heroes, you can command your hero to attack whichever structure you order him to. You can summon units during battles by pillaging enemy resource storage but these units remain until the end of the battle and then disappear. Only the units that you train in your base will remain with you after battles, if they survive.

The game has natural sceneries that look fabulous

A unique aspect of the game is the introduction of a card collection system where you get to utilize them during battles. Each card has its own special power and can involve actions such as: healing your units, summoning dragons, freezing your enemies, or raining boulders on the enemy base. While you are able to purchase cards with real cash, you can receive cards through your in-game currency or through a randomly generated system. What we found to be very helpful is that the game rewards you with Gems as you grow your base and battle.

Conjure your dragon to rain fire on your enemies!

Beautiful visuals and elegant artwork are two aspects that differentiate this game from its competitors. You can zoom in and out during your battles which allows you to get a better outlook on the brilliant graphics that Siegefall embodies. Looking closely, you will see the trees of your kingdom act in motion and the rivers flowing.

Breathtaking battles for such a stimulating genre

The game’s online experience was nicely designed. It features a global chat which is very active and you get to meet & add new friends or mute & report rude people. There is an online leaderboard which is already very competitive and will need much dedication to meet the challenge. The game was not launched featuring Guild Wars, but we know that this feature will be added in an upcoming update, according to reliable sources.

Finally, Siegefall is the combination of Clash of Clans & Call of Duty: Heroes. It takes the tactical strategy aspect of the first and the hero-centered approach of the latter; the end-product is a blend of two distinctive experiences presented with alluring visuals. For its interesting card collection system, flamboyant graphics, and the easy accumulation of in-game currency; we find this title worthy of its genre. At the end of the day, whether you’re into epic fantasy or tactical strategy; Siegefall is a new experience that will not disappoint. This game is now available for your IOS, Android, and Windows devices for free! You can check the trailer for this game below.

We rate it 9.3/10

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