Need for Speed: No Limits – Coming Soon

The silence grows dimmer as gamers wonder whether Electronic Arts & Firemonkeys Studios have abandoned the much awaited Need for Speed: No Limits. Announced back in late 2014, the game looked fabulous and has built quite the fan base. On the 6th of January, 2015; it was released exclusively in Taiwan and the Netherlands for IOS devices. Later, on the 17th of February, 2015; it was released for Android devices in the Netherlands. The current beta version that is available in these 2 countries is not in English and was reported to have numerous problems. Yet, no official news has come out in regards to this very anticipated title. We will tell you a secret about this game after we finish discussing the content of the current version.

The current beta version is built on a freemium model and a horrible one at that. When you run out of gas you will have to pay to refill your fuel tank or wait for a period of time. This can change and the game’s official version may be a more merciful freemium model but it wouldn’t be shocking if it’s re-released as a premium game. What is fun about the game modes is that they are pretty interesting. It will come with Rush Hour, Time Trial, Car Delivery, and Team Battle; all established upon a competitive leaderboard. The cars presented simulate realistic cars that can be endlessly customized.

Need for Speed: No Limits will have a deeper plot than its previous installments and this actually makes it more appealing. Who would want to race without a logical motive? In addition, the game will come with beautiful soundtracks to get your adrenaline on fire. You might be thinking, ”Hey, DN Reviews, you mentioned a secret! Tell us about it already!” Alright, so we might have got some information about the release date from a reliable source. We were told that they are planning to release it around the 30th of July, 2015. We were also told they might change this date because it is not an official one due to the immense amount of work they are putting to improve the game based on the beta’s feedback. However, this gives us an estimated idea that the game will possibly be released anytime soon within July or August of this year.

Finally, we are excited to see the official version of Need for Speed: No Limits and will definitely inform you and review it upon release. This title comes from the developers of Real Racing 3 and the Need for Speed series; so we should expect this upcoming racing titan to be visually explosive. The game should be able to run on iPhone 4 and later devices & on Android devices that include the following GPU’s: Tegra 3, Adreno 302, PVR SGX 543/545 or Mali-400. Stay tuned with our website for quality news and reviews of your most anticipated games. You can check the trailer for this game below.

5 thoughts on “Need for Speed: No Limits – Coming Soon

  1. Half-way through August, it’s still unavailable worldwide. It’s a good ideia to have “beta testers”, but it’s almost a year now, and it’s getting ridiculous. Half the world has already played it anyway, through warez sites that have the game for download, some of them even hacked the language to include english and others! Just look at the feedback on Google Play Store, it’s ludacris. by the time EA launches the game officially… most of the gamers are already fed up and waiting for the next one.


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