Radiation Island – Update 1.0.3 (Out Now)

An exciting update has made its way to Radiation Island and no one seems to notice. We previously reviewed this open world survival game – to read our review for this game, you can click here. Moving on, the new update brings essential features that are vital for any Survival Horror title. The first feature is that you get to see yourself and your gear entirely from a 3rd person perspective! Even if you finished the entire game, playing with this new outlook enabled should spice up the experience for you. It will definitely not feel the same.

A new 3rd person perspective

The second interesting feature they added is the new set of craft-able building components which enables you to build your own houses and structures. Many survival games on console are released with this feature already incorporated and it was disappointing to not see it come with Radiation Island‘s release. But we are not going to complain about it because it finally made its way to the game.

Numerous craft-able building components

Finally, this is a brilliant game and the best of its genre yet. If you are interested in survival horror games with console-like graphics then read our Radiation Island review and perhaps it will help you make your decision. We played it for a long time and we can tell you for a fact that the awe-inspiring sceneries in this game will render you speechless.

Build your home in a fascinating world

A Romantic Advice: If you are looking for a beautiful beach to take your girlfriend to, then Radiation Island’s beach would be the most beautiful of them all.


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