Rabbids Appisodes: The Interactive TV Show – Review

Warning: This app might create a tug of war between you and your kid on who should play it first. Sharing the experience is advised.

From the much loved animated TV show, Rabbids Invasion, comes an interactive series with seven delightful episodes to mobile. Rabbids Appisodes [$4.99] is an experience that we had to review and we are about to tell you why. There is something about animated creatures that the young and old simply adore. For the young, they bring the magical world to life and instill the idea that anything is possible. For the adults, it’s our way to remember our happy childhood memories through these fascinating creatures. And if you consider yourself trapped in between, then surely you would not say no to constant smiles and sudden laughter; one thing that Rabbid Appisodes will deliver. This is the vision that Ubisoft had by bringing this TV show and turning it into a mobile experience. It is a recognition of the importance of the mobile platform for our children, young siblings, and even for the Rabbids fans of all ages.

Laugh at the charming personalities of the Rabbids

Much like the Minions, Rabbids have reached out to millions of fans; a fact that their Facebook page attests to. We have also seen similar interactive Rabbid shows on Xbox, PS, and Wii. That is why mobile supporters should be excited about having this Appisode on our store. Being viewed over 450 million times since late 2013, the Rabbids are certainly enjoying their stay among us and will be here for quite a while.

Play along with your young child or sibling fun mini-games

But what does this app actually deliver? The app contains 7 interactive appisodes based on the popular Rabbid Invasion TV show. Each appisode will allow you to watch, play or interact with the Rabbids. You can unlock puzzle pieces to complete amusing wallpapers for you device. This app takes you on a fun experience along with the magical Rabbids where you can interact with them through mini-games, egg throwing, and screaming BWAAHH! Crazy right? But immensely fun!

Enjoy an adventure forever to remember

Finally, it seems that the Rabbids have took over millions of hearts and now taking over millions of mobile devices. Let us all welcome them to the world of our children and young loved ones. For its amusing characters, unique interactivity system, and consistency with the Rabbids universe; we applaud it. You can enjoy the experience yourselves or share it with your young loved ones to give them memories forever to keep them smiling. As the saying goes, ”The smile of a child is priceless.” You can check the trailer for this app below.

We rate it 9.2/10

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