The Room 3 – Coming Soon (New Information)

Back in April, we informed you about The Room 3, an upcoming thrilling & mysterious puzzle game. We have been in touch with Fireproof Games for quite a while and we had the opportunity to discuss many things with them. Although there has been no official release date yet, we believe it will be released somewhere within the month of August, 2015. The great news is that we are going to have early access to the game and this is simply exciting. We will have more to say about the actual game in a few weeks once we get our hands on it. However, there are new screenshots from The Room 3 and we want to share them with you.

Finally, we can see that the game has been very well polished with beautiful artwork. Fireproof Games officially said that the puzzles are nearly finished and that they are putting the finishing touches on the game’s artwork. We can definitely say that the launch of this amazing title will be soon upon us and we are vigilantly waiting for it. In addition, it has been confirmed that Fireproof Games will be on The DN Show in 2 months so that we can learn more about their great work throughout the years and what inspired them to come up with the genius concept that is The Room series. Stay tuned with our website for more information regarding The Room 3.

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