Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft – Review

Whether you are a fan of card games or not, you cannot ignore a title that has Blizzard’s imprint on it. That is precisely the compulsive dilemma that Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft [Free] demands you to consider. Throughout the years, Blizzard Entertainment has immersed us into the mythology of its games with epic cinematics, beautiful artwork, and gripping lore. All players of old have been influenced by Blizzard’s titles in one way or another; and it is for this reason that we cannot ignore Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft.

In a nutshell, it is an online strategy card game that’s presented in the form of turn-based matches between two players. The online experience is managed through Blizzard’s Battle.net – so ensure that you create an account through game settings in order to save your progress. Its mechanics are similar to Magic: The Gathering but Blizzard has added a bit more innovative features that makes it stand out more from its competitors. The attractive aspect about this game is that it has characters from the renowned Warcraft universe. In addition, the game contains 6 fantastic modes:

  • Practice mode – enables you to play against AI to hone your skills
  • Play mode – enables you to play against random opponents or known friends
  • Ranked play – enables you to join ranked matches with a leaderboard that is reset monthly
  • The Arena – enables you to engage in deck-building
  • Collection manager – enables you to disenchant, assemble, and create cards
  • Spectator mode – enables you to spectate your friends playing live

The game starts with a very comprehensible but detailed tutorial that will gradually prepare you for what is to come – a series of 6 matches that you will have to win in order to proceed to the following modes. In this game, strategy plays a tremendous role in determining the outcome of the battle. There are 9 classes that resemble those in World of Warcraft – each class has a set of unique cards with heroes possessing special powers and strategic prowess that can be utilized to your advantage in the game. For example, you will discover that warlocks self-damage themselves to draw a card & priests can restore health and improve defenses. The strategic side of it can make you think profoundly deep about your next move. In some situations you wonder whether it is best to attack your primary enemy directly or attack his minions. Your chances at eliminating your primary enemy might be bleak but if you do then you win. However, if you fail, then you have wasted your turn and the minions (that you could have eliminated) will have at your hero. So you see, decision making is of the essence.

The concept of it all is very intricate and one player’s deception can be another player’s demise. The innovative feature about Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is that when you think you know it all; you really don’t. We know that the best formula for an amazing movie is unpredictability which sparks this thrilling sensation we all seek. Similarly, the matches in this game are enticing due to its randomness that allow some players to have advantage over others – even when least expected. By chance, a player can draw a card that might turn the tables around.

Of course, being a free game does not come without its price. In-app purchases are available in the game and some do complain that they are disadvantaged when facing those who have invested cash into the game. There are many bundles of packs that are offered for purchase – some as cheap as $2.99 & others as expensive as $49.99. On the other hand, there are many new players who made their way to the top ranks with the usage of free decks only. So the game is pretty balanced and it is not a pay-to-win game. Moreover, Blizzard designed the game to match players based on their rank. This does not mean you can undermine the skill of your opponents or that you have a fair chance to win, because it all comes down to your deck-building skills and strategic approach.

The Arena mode is the only mode where you will be forced to spend your money. It requires a fee of $1.99 for admission to be able to compete against other players with constructed decks. Another way you can enter this mode is by spending 150 in-game gold currency. Upon entering, you get to choose one class from a set of 3 randomly presented classes. Interestingly, the game matches you with opponents based on your Win/Loss ratio.The outcome of battles in this mode can reward you greatly with card packs, gold Arcane dust, and even individual golden cards.

The cards are very aesthetically designed, detailed to the pixel, and vividly polished. They almost look as if they have been extracted out of the World of Warcraft universe. Card collection becomes an addiction to the long time Warcraft fans due to the memorable characters that they all have come to know and admire. There is no question that the game introduces itself with elegance and sophistication.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is available on the PC, iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch – including Android devices above OS 4.0. The online scheme works across all these devices and is synchronized perfectly. Our best experience was on the iPad simply because it is not too big nor too small – not to forget it is easier to play with touchscreen in comparison to the effort that the PC poses. The game works similarly on the iPhone but due to its small size, the interface has been tweaked a little. For example, you will see all your cards on the bottom of the screen on the iPad and you can smoothly interact with them. However, due to the iPhone’s small screen size you will need to tap on your cards that are located on the bottom to expand them so that you are able to interact with them. Not much effort really, but this interface works best for a smaller screen.

Furthermore, the game has been constantly updated and supported by Blizzard Entertainment & fascinating new additions made their way to Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. A new Tavern Brawl has been introduced where you are matched against another player under interesting and unique rules. At one time the game might feature preset decks while on a different week the game empowers specific minion types. Blizzard promises infinite amount of possibilities that will keep you hooked. Recently, new heroes have been added to different classes and many new cards are updated on a monthly basis.

The verdict is too less of a phrase for such an extraordinary title. Truly, this review is too simple to portray a game with a substantial amount of compelling content. For its phenomenal depth of strategy, well balanced monetary model, explicit voice acting, cross-platform multiplayer experience, & parallelism to the Warcraft universe; Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft yet retains its position as the best card game on mobile. We must admit that when we first wanted to try this game, we approached it expecting card games to be boring and dull. Howbeit, we stand corrected. This title has shown to be a paragon of a genre that has been misjudged by many. Its experience is the best first impression you will get out of a card game and disregarding it will be a big loss on your end. If you are open to new experiences, happen to be a Warcraft fan, or merely a curious skeptic; then check the trailer below and have an idea of what to expect from the indelible thrill that Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft has proven to provide.

We rate it 9.9/10

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