Real Racing 3 – Leipzig Update [Version 3.5.2] (Out Now)

And when you thought reality couldn’t materialize on mobile devices, Real Racing 3 [Free] proved otherwise. The award winning franchise has definitely not left us without its daunting excitement and theory-to-practice application with its gameplay, graphics, vehicles, tracks, and experience. Real Racing 3 was released before 2 years and not only still alive and kicking; but is probably the leading mobile racing game by any standards yet. Every now and then, EA Games & Firemonkeys Studios release an update to keep this gorgeous game running. The latest update 3.5.2 has added the iconic Porsche Leipzig Test Track where Porsche test their cars. The challenging track will define the type of driver you are through its 3 featured courses: Short, Long, & Circuit.

Furthermore, there is a new special event called ‘Lions of Leipzig’ where you are rewarded a Porsche 918 Spyder Weissach package, if you can lead over your competitors. Moreover, on the 12th of August, a 5 stage special event will become active. The event is called the Speedrush TV Challenge 2 and is a challenge where successful players can endeavour to win a Porsche Boxster GTS. The content of these additions are quite decent and will keep Real Racing 3 fans busy. Out of generosity (one may think), they added a new Daily Rewards system which will give you access to more rewards and to compensate the player’s time with deserved prizes.

For those who have not tried Real Racing 3, we highly recommend that you do because it is simply one of the best, if not the optimal, racing game on mobile. Over the last 2 years, the game has been updated more than 22 times and much content awaits you. You can check the trailer for this update below.

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