Game of Thrones: Iron from Ice (Episode 1) by Telltale Games – Now Free!

Note: For those of you who are not familiar with Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series; it’s an interactive adventure fantasy game similar in nature to The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us. The game’s dramatic events are concurrent with the television series – Game of Thrones – from the end of season 3 until the start of the 5th season.

In a surprising move, Telltale Games has made their Episode 1: Iron From Ice of their interactive title, Game of Thrones, for Free! This is the first time that such an offer is put on the table. Previously priced at $4.99, the game is a must grab for everyone for 2 reasons: It’s Game of Thrones and It’s Free. It cannot get any simpler than that, really it doesn’t.

In this episode, the story begins at a crucial event that played a major role in how the story unfolded on the TV series; as well as in the books. The events in the Telltale series are concurrent with the events on the show and you will meet many major characters in the game that stand out in the Game of Thrones universe. The brilliant acting is, of course, voiced by the talented actors on the Game of Thrones show! This should be a good enough reason for you to check this game out.

You play representing House Forrester, a noble house from the North of Westeros. Members and allies of the family find themselves trapped in between ferocious situations and you will be the sole decision maker for the future of this family. Keep in mind that the choices you make may decide who lives and who dies, so make them carefully. You can check the trailer for this game below.

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