Modern Combat 5 – Gameloft Teases Players with New Photo

The best FPS on mobile is getting more attention than ever, even after 1 year has passed since its release. Modern Combat 5: Blackout [Free] was last updated on June 10th, introducing new weapons, camos, masks, and of course, the much requested killsigns. Leaving jokes aside, Gameloft has definitely supported their game; adding new content and features throughout the year. In fact, their Modern Combat series is simply unrivalled and no competitor has surpassed Gameloft in the last 5 years. So we want to truly praise this dedicated developer for making console-like games exist on our mobile devices in the first place. And congratulations to Gameloft for a successful anniversary for their addictive and adored title, Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Speaking of Modern Combat 5:Blackout; on July 17th it was announced on Facebook that a surprise will be presented to us in a week’s time and indeed, the week passed and Gameloft unveiled their surprise. Interestingly, they posted the photo that you see at the top of this page, and said that this was the much awaited surprise. Now, you may protest that this is not a surprise at all but for arguments sake, let’s say that surprises come in different shapes and forms. As for the meaning behind the photo, we can only speculate but we know for a fact that a new map is coming in an upcoming update. In addition, with this new character that stands in the middle, we can safely say that there will be more customization possibilities for us to experiment with. If you pay close attention to the weapons that the Robocop-like character is carrying, he has two secondary weapons in both hands; suggesting that we will be able to carry two handguns and utilize them simultaneously.

While the photo suggests that a new class is in the works, we have our doubts because it will require a lot of work to rebalance the class system and it seems unlikely that Gameloft will embark on such an exhausting journey. The photo does indicate that the campaign story might be extended due to the mayhem and destruction in the background as well as the mere portrayal of Caydan Phoenix & Isaac Tukura; two main characters in the campaign mode. It can even be a resemblance of the next promised map, but we can only speculate at this moment. Do stay tuned with our website for more information; we are digging more into what is coming next and if you want to be the first to read exclusive news, then by all means follow us to be notified. Finally, we have a poll below, vote on what you think the photo predicts for the next update.

Gameloft’s surprise photo that was posted to tease us

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