100 Apps Now on Sale – Our Top 10 List

It’s not the first time Apple launches a sales campaign on the App Store but this time they have chosen great titles to be on the cheapest sale price possible, simultaneously. This promo includes various types of apps; some of which are not games such as Pixelmator. However, we are going to focus on the gaming apps only. You should definitely check out the apps you always wanted because they are likely to be on a sale price as well. Click here, if you want to check the full list. Below, we will list our favourite 10 apps that we recommend you grab while they are at their cheapest prices yet.

Goat Simulator [$0.99]

Limbo [$0.99]

The Room Two [$0.99]

Radiation Island [$0.99]

Wild Blood [$0.99]

Epoch 2 [$0.99]

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 [$0.99]

Battle Supremacy [$0.99]

Need For Speed: Most Wanted [$0.99]

Sky Gamblers: Cold War [$0.99]

One of the stranger open world games that made its way to the top was Goat Simulator. First gained its fame on PC, the game became highly on demand that the developers ported it onto mobile devices. You roam an interesting world as a goat with no other intention than destruction and mayhem. Playing this game might give you the perception that the creators were drunk during the development of Goat Simulator but the truth is; it is a work of mad genius.

If any game has succeeded in keeping its players on the edge of their seats; it’s Limbo. Having successfully garnered a great following on multiple platforms, the game was destined to make its way to mobile. Limbo places you in a somber world that is very well portrayed with the game’s dark-toned graphics. Playing this game gives you the sense that you are trapped in Dante’s Inferno; this world that hangs in the balance. Make no mistake, you will die many times in this game and from your deaths, you will learn to succeed. This worthy title is a must-have for all mobile gamers who want to embark on a truly, novel journey.

If being voted as the Best Game of 2012 isn’t a good enough reason to get The Room Two then we don’t know what is. Developed by Fireproof Games, this title took the App Store by storm, ranking #1 even a long time after its release. It is a mystery-puzzle game where you interact with an elegantly designed 3D world to uncover other-worldly secrets. Fundamentally, The Room Two is for the thinkers, the players, and the thrill seekers.

It is safe to say that Radiation Island drove many open world – survival game developers out of business. With its ambitious gameplay and Far Cry graphics, you can never go wrong by purchasing this masterpiece. If running from monsters and exploring a massive island is not enough to grab your attention, then how about flying? The game has hang gliders which you can use to visit the farther corners of the island – quite a fascinating view from above. Following the end of the campaign mode, you get to unlock a multiplayer mode where you can share the survival experience in real time with other players. To put it mildly, Radiation Island has broken all records of any survival game on mobile.

Gameloft’s Wild Blood was one of the wonderful titles that took advantage of the Unreal Engine 3 during its prime on mobile. Visually, it is a game that will make you second-guess whether it is a console game to start with. Built on fantasy, you play as Sir Lancelot who is out to face King Arthur who has gone mad and is being corrupted by evil. The game offers a fun multiplayer mode where you can customize your character and take your champion to test his skills against other online players. Being at such a cheap sales price, the game is an absolute grab; if not for the price then for its epic boss fights.

The best of the world of robotics is best materialized in Epoch 2. This title takes place in an a post-apocalyptic world where war-designed robots have become the means to an end. During its release, it pushed the limits of what was graphically possible on mobile devices, and now it pushes the price to what was not economically possible for this game. With an engaging story and an action-packed gameplay, this game should be on your list; at least now while it’s at $0.99.

Granted, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 might have been more amazing during its release and now may feel a bit outdated. Although, if you think about it; how many games offer you the ultimate Spider Man experience better than this title? Web slinging across New York to fight crime, notorious villains, and saving damsels in distress; this open world experience is possible with its 3D cutting-edge graphics that will keep you busy. This game was definitely a memorable experience then, and will be a worthy experience for years to come.

Imagine the setting of World War 2 with chaos and destruction in an open world environment. Now throw in tanks, warships, & fighting jets that are all involved in the fighting; and you get yourself Battle Supremacy. Probably the best Tank Game on mobile devices yet; the game excels in pushing the boundaries in terms of graphics and immersion. The online experience is definitely one of the most enjoyable experiences you will have in comparison to many of the games available. This title supports MFi controllers for those that are more console oriented and definitely ergonomically designed for the traditional mobile players. Brainchild of Atypical Games as well, Battle Supremacy is a title you should have because its a leader in its genre and with is current price, having it ceases to be a debate.

One of the finest racing games that stand out is Need For Speed: Most Wanted. And if the title does not speak for itself, then we will speak for it. Being EA Games’ most famed franchise, Need For Speed was the center of much discussion in the mobile community during its moment of debut. When the mobile platform was still in its evolutionary phase, having a grand title like this one was a dream come true. In Need For Speed: Most Wanted, you take to the street with your Porsche 911 Carrera or SRT Viper GTS to challenge your rivals, out-race the police, and becoming the most wanted in the game.

Nothing screams console gaming like Sky Gamblers: Cold War. With its addicting multiplayer modes, breathtaking graphics design, and unchallenged flying simulation; this title takes gaming to another level. Developed by Atypical Games, the creators of Radiation Island; you can understand why this game is on our top 10 list. If you are looking for a game that will keep you entertained and mesmerized, then no experience does it best than what Sky Gamblers: Cold War delivers.


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