Angry Birds 2 – Out Now

If one franchise was equivalent to the term ‘Mobile Gaming’ it would be Angry Birds. If you recall, the stylized, wingless birds debuted on iOS back in 2009 – during the App Store’s genesis. Angry Birds fans have been waiting for Angry Birds 2 [Free] to be released for quite a while. The biggest of fans even delved into conspiracy theories and suggested that it was on the App Store under a different name. But with the drama subsiding, and the birds being out with no more hiding; the game is now available on the App Store & Google Play for you to get.

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Rovio Entertainment made some changes as to the way this game is played. Now, don’t panic, there are no major changes. For example, you can now choose the order of the angry birds you use so your choices must be wise. Angry Birds 2 has become more thought provoking than its predecessors. In addition, there are new multi-stage levels with stunning visuals, quirky details, and fun animations. Finally, it features Boss Fights; an interesting addition that many players have been waiting for.

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Angry Birds 2 looks like a solid title and you can challenge your friends worldwide in the new Arena to see who’s the true bird launcher of all times. Go grab Angry Birds 2 because this is a game for all mobile gamers. If you are hesitant about getting it, then you can watch the trailer below and see if this game is for you.

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