Gangstar Vegas – Devil’s Due Update [Version 2.0.0] (Out Now)

If you thought the previous Alien update was weird, Gameloft has brought to you a weirder update than before. Update 2.0.0 is called Devil’s Due and the theme of this update is inspired from Hell. For those who didn’t know, the Gangstar franchise is a replica of Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto title and mirrors the mechanics, style, and gameplay of GTA in many ways. Originally, Gangstar Vegas [Free] was released in 2013 and it was a worldwide success; one of the reasons that Gameloft still updates this game. Recently, it has received a new update which is worth checking out and will get you interested in Gangstar Vegas again, even if you have stopped playing it.

The Devil’s Due update brings a lot of content to the table. The new Hell themed location, called Inferno, is a very interesting location to explore as it mirrors the fires of the underworld. You are presented with 4 missions and their success is the only salvation to get back your soul from the devil. Moreover, throughout the new update you will watch new, entertaining cut-scenes and gameplay actions. In addition, new gear is being introduced with weird outfits and weapons with the new Devil, Cat Burglar, and High-Tech Heist item sets. But best keep an eye for the cool looking (hot would be a better description) new hell-themed vehicle, the Devil Dart XL. Interestingly, there is a new Kamcord integration which allows you to live stream your gameplay and share your experience with the world.

Whether you are a stranger or a standard to Gangstar Vegas, the Devil’s Due update adds even more amusement to a game that is built on a world of fun. Take a ride to Gangstar Vegas on the App Store or Google Play and visit Vegas, the city of sin, to encounter the strangest phenomena a game can deliver. You can watch the trailer for this update below.

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