Top 15 Horror Games of All Time


Lately, we have been getting similar requests from our readers and they all, essentially, touched on one common issue – Horror Games. You all wanted to know what is our list of the best horror games on mobile and we have worked very hard to make this article possible. Horror games are experiences that are supposed to elicit negative emotional reaction from the player; causing him to feel fear, shock, disgust, panic, or disturbance. You can rest assured, we have brought to you remarkable titles and you are going to love our list but make sure you play these titles with headphones and lights turned off! While all the games on our list fit our criteria of the top 15 horror games of all time, this does not mean that those that did not make it are not good enough. You may disagree with our number 1 choice as well, and this is why you can vote at the end of this post on which is your #1 horror game from this list. Without further ado, we present to you the top 15 horror games of all time for mobile!



Released for iOS in 2011, the FMV survival horror game was an artistic work of terror that reached a standard higher than what mobile gamers expected at that time. Being an interactive movie, Hysteria Project 2 [$2.99] hailed as a true horror game and the experience could not get any more realistic. Trapped in an isolated asylum and being chased by a hooded axe-wielding man; running for your life becomes the only medicine for this muddle. There are not a lot of FMV games on mobile, and they are truly hard to make as they need to capture the essence of human emotions. Hysteria Project 2 creates a world for you where you begin to explore the paranoid mindset of a murder victim – capturing the very element of human fear quite well.


Suspense and spine-chills are vital organs for Mental Hospital 3 HD [$2.99]. The game’s environment feels like it was designed solely to spook you spineless. Released in late 2014, this title presents you with dark artwork and gory scenery. If anything, the sight of mutilated bodies makes you question whether this will happen to you as well and you embark on your horror journey not knowing what awaits you on the other side of the door. You can toggle night vision to have a better view of the darker corners that you explore but it will not save you from the creatures there – for this you need to run and hide. It is safe to say that you are not safe behind closed doors; monsters do not know the etiquette of knocking.


Hellraid: The Escape [$2.99] comes at you with no word or welcome other than its gory corpses and unsettling environment. There is a saying that goes by, ”If you don’t deal with your demons, they deal with you, and it’s gonna hurt.” In the case of Hellraid: The Escape, you cannot deal with your demons in the game, and the only way to hurt them is outsmart them with traps. In a way, it does present an interesting horror experience but would have reached its full potential if other aspects were focused on. Nevertheless, the game is a fabulous experience and worthy of playing by horror addicts. Imprisoned in a place of torment and agony, escape is no longer an option but a necessity.


In Fear I Trust [$2.99] may not be a game praised for its controls, but it is definitely a game notable for its creepy atmosphere. It will immerse you into its strange story, hidden mysteries, and eerie visuals. The enthralling title will keep you playing because your curiosity about the game keeps on building. The urge to know what happened does not let go of you and it is this thrilling feeling that grants this game a place on our list. You start the game by signing an agreement to be a part of a ”project” but what it turns out to be is a shady experiment. What you will discover is more disturbing than you can imagine.


No game delineates the full Slender Man experience better than Slender Rising 2 [$3.99]. Simply put, this game has the best graphics, scares, and experience of all the Slender games on mobile. This title offers you great diversity in terms of locations to explore, modes to play, and even the difficulty of levels. You never know when or where will Slender Man come for you and escaping from him is really hard. Even when you think he is not there, he is watching and it is only a matter of time for him to get you. Such is the feeling that you will get from Slender Rising 2; it is a true nerve stimulating experience.


Described as an intelligent psychological horror game, Indigo Lake [$1.99] offers no reason for us to doubt its description. The game is a first person shooter where you can free roam an open world full of horrors. In many ways, the atmosphere will definitely remind you of the movie, The Ring. This is probably one of the scariest games of all times and giving it any less credit would not be just. You are able to drive a 4×4 Jeep throughout the island which adds more realism to the horror experience. Indigo Lake is a place that is not strange to the paranormal, but when your friend Dr. Everett does not report in, it becomes your mission to find him and to solve the mystery of the strange sightings, mass suicides, and paranormal activity.


Blindside [$2.99] is not your usual horror game. In fact, it is innovative in every sense of the word. The game is an interesting audio-driven thriller that places you in a dark dark world. The gyroscope-enabled virtual reality title has no visual stimulation and is built on audio alone, so you might want to listen carefully. Before we played this game we had our doubts as to whether it gives you this sense of fear because we always believed in the power of imagery. We stand corrected, this game is one of the most mind-twisting horror experience that you can find and is uniquely designed on audio alone. You wake up blind in an apocalyptic world; you and your girlfriend are alone in the dark; and all you hear is the sound of strange creatures feeding on people. Can it get more scarier than that?


Can any game get more premium after including the the voice of Sean Bean? Papa Sangre 2 [$4.99] starts with assuring you that you are dead. Trapped in the darkness of the afterlife, you will have to search your way to get to the other side. There is an evil presence and it is coming for your soul and your only tool for survival is to listen to the guidance of Sean Bean (The actor from Game of Thrones & Lord of the Rings). This game is based on audio alone but the horror isn’t any less horrifying just because you don’t see it. Your mind’s imagination is limitless, and thus, the images that your mind will create to translate what you hear will be riveting.


Once upon a time, Dead Space [$4.99] was the scariest game on console. The game was so beloved and praised that EA Games released it to mobile devices in early January, 2011. Over 4 years old and this game still is considered one of the best horror games available on mobile. It’s an iconic title that is a synonym to the word horror. What if you were alone in space, with all its silence and all its secrets? In Dead Space, you will find yourself on a spaceship that is overwhelmed by mutated corpses called Necromorphs. The quality and gameplay of this mobile version captures the genuine experience of its’ console counterpart. To put it simply, no true horror fan can be a horror enthusiast without having played Dead Space.


Year Walk [$3.99] depicts the Swedish tradition of year walking which is believed to blur the line between the past and the future. There is more to this game than its mind-boggling puzzles and the uneasy atmosphere. Although this game is not your conventional horror game, it fits our criteria of a horror game due to its disturbing story and panic inducing moments. This game is best played with its companion app, Year Walk Companion [Free]. With its companion app, you will be able to delve more into the mythology of the creatures encountered. This game is one of the best mobile games of all time, and it truly is praiseworthy for its originality and elegance.


No game captures the players interest with its challenging difficulty better than Limbo [$4.99]. Having successfully garnered a great following on multiple platforms, the game’s arrival to mobile was inevitable. Limbo places you in a somber world that is very well portrayed with the game’s dark-toned graphics. Playing this game gives you the sense that you are trapped in Dante’s Inferno; this world that hangs in the balance. Make no mistake, you will die many times in this game. Its challenges will keep you on the edge of your seat, the deaths are brutal, and the imagery is disturbing.


Fireproof Games managed to create a thrilling title that was voted twice as the Best Game on mobile. Its story is creepy, the atmosphere is unsettling, and things do not turn out as you expect them to be. With its spine-tingling music, you get immersed deeper into the world of The Room Two [$2.99]. In this mystery-puzzle game you will uncover other-worldly secrets. In principle, it redefines what horror is supposed to be in a radical way.


Of course, you all expected Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 [$2.99] to make it here, didn’t you? Admittedly, this game is a formula for jump scares and will scare the most courageous of players. The latest of the series does it best as it places you in a house and puts you in the shoes of a child. It is an unsettling experience because you know something will jump at you, but you never know when. And when you just might want to take a closer look at the screen, something else will want to take a closer look at you. If you want a game to scare the sh*t out of you, then Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 is your title, but make sure to wear diapers.


When you get chased by monsters your only salvation is to run and cower inside a closet. The monster will try smashing your hiding place to grab you out and you will be a sitting duck, fearing the worst. Lost Within [$6.99] covers a whole lot of horror elements and that is one of the reason it has made it to this rank. The story is easily compelling and highly absorbing; a classic horror story at best. You are a security guard having a final inspection of an asylum that is about to be demolished, but you fall into a hole as you try to follow the voice of a child, and then starts your horror journey. Lost Within is highly praised by both players and critics, and both agree that it is the closest experience you can have to Outlast, one of the scariest console games of all time. If you are looking for an intriguing game, thrilling story, and a horror experience; Lost Within delivers on all of the horror-related elements.


A few of you might be surprised by our #1 choice, but we know that most of you expected it. However, let us put things into perspective. Nothing screams classic horror louder than Forgotten Memories [$5.99]. With a genuine storyline, talented voice actors, thrilling atmosphere, distressing gameplay, impeccably-timed jump scares, and top-notch graphics; this title easily ranks as the best horror game of all time. You wake up in a strange place not knowing how or why you ended up there. As you investigate on, you will encounter possessed mannequins that are out to kill you. There are many moments where you actually feel paranoid and terrified! Imagine you enter a room full of frozen mannequins that are just standing there and staring at you, and when you look away and then look back at them, some of them would have their heads turned around. You never know which one is possessed or which one is watching you. Sometimes you walk through a passage that is aligned with tens of mannequins on your right and left. It is a truly climatic psychological experience beyond what any other game can deliver; and the best part is that it follows the blueprints of the classic horror genre. If any horror game will make you believe in the fear you are experiencing it is Forgotten Memories.

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  1. Pretty good list and reasoning, though it would be even better if you mentioned the platform those games are available on (iOS/Android)


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