Real Boxing 2 – Coming Soon

You don’t pass by many boxing games, at least not ones that grab your attention. But believe it or not, back in 2012, Vivid Games released Real Boxing [Free]; the first boxing experience to be hailed as most realistic, entertaining, and beautiful. It was a big hit and is still being played by many, to the extent that the developers have been updating it throughout the last 3 years. Now Vivid Games have announced that Real Boxing 2 will be released this year for iOS & Android. The upcoming sequel is coming with the latest advancements in graphics, using the Unreal Engine 4.

The best thing about this title is that it will have a Singleplayer and Multiplayer career mode. You will fight in various events, complete difficult contracts, and challenge the elite bosses of boxing. In addition, the developers said that the customization system offers ”near limitless possibilities” when personalizing your character. You have 4 different character classes, hundreds of distinct items to unlock, as well as choosing your boxer’s hairstyle, facial details, build size, and more.

Finally, Real Boxing 2 will be released as a freemium game but there is no release date yet. However, you can get early access if you sign up for the game’s VIP Club by clicking here. You also get a unique VIP Club special gear and exclusive in-game starter bonus. Make no mistake, Vivid Games are the best at creating boxing games, so expect Real Boxing 2 to be a huge success. You can check the trailer for this game below.

One thought on “Real Boxing 2 – Coming Soon

  1. Please Release Before December 12 For Microsoft Windows Phone And Lg Phones And Every Other Phone And Not Talking About Creed I’m Talking About Regular Real Boxing 2


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