Vainglory – The Player Love Update (1.7): Skins Are Out

Super Evil Megacorp wanted to let us know that they are listening to the community requests and they did it best by releasing update 1.7. So what does this new update offer? For those who love to customize their heroes, you will be happy to know that 5 new skins were released: Shiro Kage Taka Tier 1, Paragon Catherine Tier 2 & Tier 3, Stormlord Ardan Tier 2, SAWborg Tier 2, and Killa-Joule 9000 Tier 2.

Paragon Catherine Tier 3 – Excerpted from

Interestingly, the fascinating new feature, card crafting, has been added which allows you to destroy unwanted cards and turning them into Vainglory Essence. Using this Vainglory Essence, you will be able to create the cards you need to finish skin theme tiers. In addition, you will be able to mute teammates who are spamming pings by opening the Scoreboard and silencing them from there. The scoreboard has been redecorated by replacing hero names with hero portraits.

This is not all, SEMC has added a feature so that the party captain can place the team into a Bots game with a new drop-down menu. But one of the best additions is that now 4 people can spectate! So that can include the dad, the mom, the son, and the daughter. The whole family will fit into the new spectator slots. On a serious note, there have been major gameplay changes: Lane minions now spawn within 5 seconds into the match, instead of 10 seconds; jungle monsters spawn within 20 seconds into the match, instead of 30 seconds; and taking a minion mine increases lane minions’ value +5% gold instead of the previous +10% gold.

Shiro Kage Taka Tier 1 – Excerpted from

Finally, there are hero balance changes to most of the heroes available and many items were balanced as well. On top of that there are performance improvements and bug fixes. So we can see with the amount of additions, balances, and fixes; that SEMC are supporting Vainglory constantly and the game just keeps on getting better. Go update your game and enjoy update 1.7!

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