Space Marshals: Chapter 3 – Coming Soon

Probably one of Pixelbite’s most memorable titles; Space Marshals [$4.99] is a fascinating game that perfectly combines stealth and strategy into a unique dual-stick shooter experience. If you are familiar with Xenowerk, then you will not be a stranger to the world of Space Marshals. Luckily, the developers have supported this title by offering Chapter 2 as a free update on the 4th of March; adding 8 new missions, more weapons and gear, and new enemies to fight. Pixelbite seems to be very supportive to their customers and are bringing us, yet, another massive update for free. Chapter 3 is to be released on the 13th of August and this time it will be a more in-depth experience.

The upcoming update will intensify its focus on stealth mechanics which gives us a more tactical approach to consider when engaging opponents. And like its previous chapter, it will include new missions, weapons, and additional content to spice up the game. The developers have also expressed interest in creating a sequel to this game in the near future, so this should get Space Marshals‘ fans very excited. If you are curious about what Pixelbite has in store, then by all means, check the trailer for the upcoming update below.

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