World of Tanks Blitz – Clans Update [Version 2.0] (Out Now)

World of Tanks Blitz [Free] is not just a game of tanks. In fact, it follows the footsteps of World of Tanks, the massive PC & Console MMO game with over 90 million players worldwide; surpassing World of Warcraft in micro-transaction revenue in 2013 with profit of $372 million. The developer, Wargaming, has brought the mobile version to a new standard in terms of the online tank experience. Previously, it was celebrated for its game physics, phenomenal graphics, online competitiveness, and massive customization. However, with the new update, it is about to be praised for even more innovative features.

The new gigantic update brings the possibility to create clans and unite up to 50 people, working along with friends and team mates to raise your clan’s name above all. Wargaming introduced basic clan features like creating and managing clans in a very simplistic way to get the players familiar with the new system. The developers even promised that they are working on more features to add beyond what was possible in clan wars. In addition, you are now given the option to improve graphics settings by tweaking quality of game objects, effects, and textures. This can help many players, with old and new devices, by reducing lag or improving graphics.

Maps have been changed as well. Oasis Palms and Rockfield have now been polished, with new landscapes, plants, and sound effects. The new revamp was meant to bring more action on the battlefield and less hiding. Moreover, many tanks have been balanced and improved such as the Panther/M10, M4A2E4 Sherman, T-25, Valentine II, Object 140, and many others. This means that there are now combat characteristics changes in terms of dispersion and action motion.

Finally, if you are interested in a competitive vehicular combat game that has reached prominence in such a short time, then check out World of Tanks Blitz before you lose track of all the new features that are constantly coming to the game. With a clan system, graphics settings, enhanced maps, and optimized vehicles; the new update is inarguably one of the biggest to come to this game yet. You can check the trailer for this update below.

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