Fallout Shelter – Vault Dangers [Version 1.1] & Now Available on Android

One title that surprised us by making its way to mobile was Fallout Shelter [Free]. And while it is not your typical Fallout game, it has the theme and feel of a Fallout game. Just today, Bethesda released update 1.1 which adds new amazing features to the game. But the more significant news that we want to announce is that Fallout Shelter is now available on Android! Many Android users have been waiting for it with much anticipation and we are very glad that they can play it now.

As for the update, new dangers have been added for you to face. Vaults are vulnerable to be attacked by Mole Rats and Deathclaws; likely to happen when they hear construction sounds. So be on the look for such threats! At $0.99 you also can purchase Mr. Handy, the robot butler which was added to decrease the work of lazy gamers. What the robot basically does is he automatically clicks on the rooms for you to supply you with water, power, and food. If you wish to get a pack of five robots, then you can pay $3.99 only. Moreover, vaults of all shapes and sizes are now adjusted to run more smoothly. Just a word of advice, do make sure to arm your vault dwellers because raiders are now stealing caps along with resources.

Finally, this is an entertaining title and definitely the closest experience you will have to Fallout on mobile. Go get it as it is free and this way the developers will know we love their game and will develop more for mobile devices. Check our review for this game by clicking here if you haven’t. You can check the trailer for this game below.

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