Order & Chaos 2: Redemption – New Information & Content Revealed!

Looking at the photo above, we can collectively predict that Order & Chaos 2: Redemption will reign as the top MMORPG of mobile gaming. Featured in the photo above is a Kratan, a new race being introduced to the Order & Chaos universe. Gameloft has released new images and information to give us an idea of what to expect from this new title.

We learned that the world of Order and Chaos 2: Redemption is so vast that you will never run out of places to visit. In fact, with the amazing visuals that this game has, you might visit each place a thousand times and still feel like you have seen it for the first time. As we mentioned before, there is a new race added. Let us mention all the races that will be available for you: Humans, Mendels, Elves, Orcs, and the brand new Kratans. The Kratans are a reptilian race that are cunning and fierce. While they are strong warriors, they always prefer diplomacy over war. We are definitely going for the Kratan race, what about you?

Moreover, the classes you can choose from are the Warrior, Monk, Ranger, Mage, and the new Blood Knight. The warriors from the Blood Knight class can harness the power of their enemies and sacrifice their own health to empower their special abilities. Sounds very vampire-like, which we love, of course!

Furthermore, you can customize your character’s colour and face style. For example, you can add to your Kratan character modest horns, big horns, or broken horns. So we see a lot of exciting new features being added to the game. Without keeping you any longer, check the images below to see the breathtaking world of Order & Chaos 2: Redemption. Click here to read our initial article on the game if you wish.

Character Concepts

Boss Concepts

Temple of The Primal Heart

Land of The Orcs

Home of The Peace-Loving Mendels

Human City of Coramir

Sunken Hollows – Home of The Elves

We are beyond speechless after looking at these amazing images. We are dying to explore the new places that Order & Chaos 2: Redemption has in store! Gameloft has definitely put great work into this game and it looks unbelievably spectacular. Stay tuned with our website for more information on this game. With all credit and thanks to MMORPGcom, you can check a brief video on the character customization for Order & Chaos 2: Redemption below.

22 thoughts on “Order & Chaos 2: Redemption – New Information & Content Revealed!

  1. it’s great except gameloft seems to think australia and new Zealand don’t speak English because we were all given no other choice but join in asian server. our region is not asian. so now there’s a lot of anoyyed aussies and new Zealanders stuck in a server full of 90% asian languages and we can’t get a word in edgewise in English before flooded out by Chinese Korean and Malaysian. I find it quite offensive they didn’t put thought into this…we’re not a tiny nation hello?? we need the option to switch servers and without losing our characters which we already lvling and purchased on.


  2. Having trouble finding the Coramir Guard. The arrow leads me to a cliffside, which leads to the ocean. The guard is no where to be seen as I plunge into the waters below, yet as I’m sliding down the mountainside, the arrow becomes a dot which usually indicates the object/person is close by. Yet I don’t see anything but rocks and water. Can someone help me out here…pleeeease!?


  3. Cant find the conamir guard. The arriw leads me to a cliff. This is an awesome game but please get this fixed! Id like to progress in the story.


    • Had the same problem. Don’t follow the arrow on the mini map…it’s wrong. Coramir is to the north. Easiest way is to just go north, keep opening your mission guide and setting that mission as active. U can follow the path it gives til it disappears. Again…Open missions, set as active and follow. Keep doing that til u get to Coramir.


  4. What server that is no such a number of Chinese and Korean?. Its not about racism okay. But we all knew that they are monster in this kind of Game..If they become addicted they will leveled up in no time.


  5. I loved this game when I first started playing it, but then I started to hate it… I was on my monk right and I wanted to switch back to my Mage but I couldn’t get to the main menu. Please tell me how to switch characters or please fix this bug


  6. Why can i not download this, it shows up in the store but says my device is not compatible? Is it not available on android in new zealand? Or is it mewning my actual device is no good i have tab 3?


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