Modern Combat 5: Blackout – Update 1.4.1 (Out Now)

All of you have been expecting the Modern Combat 5: Blackout [Free] update for quite a while now. Wait no more! Update 1.4.1 is out now, but before you go update and check it out, let us tell you briefly what this update includes. If you recall, we previously speculated about this update and you guys voted in our poll as to what will be included in update 1.4.1.

One unique feature that has made its way to the Modern Combat franchise for the first time is the customization of body armours and advanced tactical suits. We now can customize 4 body parts with an armour covering the torso, legs, arms, and mask. Having collected and equipped all 4 parts of a tactical suit enables you to utilize special perks such as healing boosts, radar jamming, and more. The suit can be overcharged with special abilities to increase your tactical advantage over others. Each class has its own unique suit.

The heavy class’s suit has an ability called Murderblitz, which increases the player’s movement speed by 5% with each kill performed. The assault class’ suit has an ability called Berserker Rage, which enables each of your kills to count as double towards unlocking the military support. The support class’ suit has an ability called Reloader, which allows your magazine to be instantly refilled after each kill you make. The sniper class’ suit has an ability called Specter, which allows you to be semi-transparent when aiming. Lastly, the recon class’ suit has an ability called Infiltrator, which allows you to appear as a friendly on enemy radar when you fire or when detected by military support but during Free-For-All matches you are not visible on radar at all, and on top of that, you drop a flash grenade upon death. There are other perks that can be added as well.

The suits and armours look brilliant and we love them, but this does mean that you need to spend more on in-app purchases to acquire the suit parts. Those who have it will have advantage over you and this does make the game more unbalanced based on that logic. Some players can afford in-app purchases while others not, so in that sense we are not very satisfied with this system because the game ceases to be competitive but more pay-to-win.

Another much anticipated feature was the new map called Vantage. The map is designed to mirror urban Tokyo where close combat and long-range combat are both equally advantaged. The map is very huge and there are high locations where you can gun down your enemies from, but there are narrow places as well where you can get cornered.

In addition, new camo designs have been released which allows you to make your armour even more unique. Trinkets and killsigns have been added as well. Each class has its own custom gear, and its own armour suit also. The class custom gear is available for you for free, but the armour suit can be unlocked by collecting the 4 suit parts.

Moreover, Gameloft implemented a feature called GeoLoc which allows you to search for players that are geographically nearby. Local leaderboards were added to accompany that new feature as well. When you enter the game, after update, you will be asked to turn on location services so it can track your location for this feature.

While the update is magnificent, there were concerns that some players had. One major concern was that the game lags more than before due to the update, even on newer devices like the iPad Air.

Finally, while we have not seen custom matches yet, we have seen vast additions and game changing features that in a way revamped the foundation of Modern Combat 5: Blackout. We find ourselves overwhelmed with elements never seen before and this will take a lot of time to get used to. We can undoubtedly say that Modern Combat 5: Blackout has become unrivalled and unparalleled in its content, graphics, and gameplay. The update added many things that we loved but it has affected device performance due to lag and game balance due to more in-app purchases. Nevertheless, kudos to Gameloft for their great achievement on this masterpiece and unending support for the best FPS on the mobile platform. Tell us what you think of the new update by voting below so that we can voice your opinions to Gameloft.

3 thoughts on “Modern Combat 5: Blackout – Update 1.4.1 (Out Now)

  1. Well I agree with your review of the game. I also support gameloft but the game is lagging more for me now. I hope they fix it. Please tell them. Thanks.


  2. Dear Sir,
    after update installation i open the multiplayer and player it i have facing the graphic problem i only can see the men head and gun and other body is invisible and i face too much problem in shooting please help is perfectly working in Single player chapter mode


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