The Room 3 – Coming Soon (New Images)

We can certainly say that the release date for The Room 3 is not far from now. They tell us that they still need more time for more artwork polishing, puzzles tweaking, and final audio composing. Other than that, the game is very playable at the moment and all it needs is more focus on details and final touches. Fireproof Games Studio always delivered quality games, and The Room 3 is turning out to be more quality-focused than any other game they have worked on. You can click here to read our original post on this game to learn more about it.

Furthermore, we expect the game to be ready within the next two months or less based on our understanding of what processes the game is undergoing. It is currently being tested as well and the developers are eliminating whatever bugs they find. But to have you excited, they did share 2 beautiful screenshots of The Room 3 and a trailer will follow soon. Without keeping you any longer, enjoy the fruits of what is to come!

Finally, we can see that they have put much effort into making the game atmospheric and comprehensive. The images do not represent the final version of the game, they are now working on the details to make the environment more rich and realistic, but the screenshots look beautiful and we are interested to see the trailer very soon. Stay tuned with our website for more updates on the upcoming spine-chilling puzzle game, The Room 3.

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