Doctor Who: Legacy – Sonic Adventures Update 3.0 (Out Now)

Doctor Who: Legacy [Free] was released in 2013 in honor of the 50th anniversary special of Doctor Who, the British science fiction TV series that was first produced in 1963 by the BBC. For a 2 year old game, it is still alive and running with even a bigger fan base than ever. There are 2 main reasons for that: Doctor Who is too big of a title for anyone to abandon & the developers of the game update it constantly to complement the show’s episodes. We are even impressed to know that a day after an episode is aired, the game is updated with a character or a plot from that same episode. This marks the flexibility and advantage of the mobile platform and a vibrant commitment that the developers have dedicated themselves to. And now, the much awaited version 3 is out but let us first tell you what Doctor Who: Legacy is all about, as a game.

If you are into gem matching puzzle games, then you have found your match. The first thing you probably noticed about the game is that it is a freemium. However, it was designed to be gamer-friendly where purchasing anything is not required. In fact, based on our interviews with Doctor Who: Legacy fans, we found that those who spent cash on in-app purchases did it mostly as a sign of gratitude to the developers. This is quite a fascinating developer-gamer relationship that has been developed and this is the ideal form of the freemium model that we would want applied in future games.

Since the launch of this title, it focused on the 6th and 7th series of the show and the game presents you with characters, events, and locations that will be familiar to you if you are a fan of the show. You are presented with a turn-based battle on the upper half of the screen and a color-based gem aligning gameplay on the bottom of the screen. Each color arrangement produces different types of effects: healing, attacking or getting attacked. The game is extremely entertaining, especially for those who fancy the long-time celebrated TV show.

Update 3.0 has two major threats which the players will face. The developers will be releasing live content updates and will be in synchronicity with season 9 of the series. Interestingly, you will meet the First Doctor Who along with Donna Noble, Mickey Smith, River Song, & Jo Grant. All these memorable characters will be on a journey with you through time and beyond in search of sonic devices to be collected. The ”Sonic Adventures” story arc is one of the biggest content of this update introduced but not the only one. Paying $9.99 for the new paid expansion unlocks 30 Sonic Adventures levels with over 20 rewards. In addition, Tiny Rebel Games have not forgotten about the younger fans of the show. Inspired by ”Anna’s Playground” levels which were initially created for a child of one of the fans, they have introduced a ”Doctor Who: Legacy Kids” section that is very similar in concept. The Kids expansion can be unlocked for only $4.99.

Finally, we are very excited for the release of this update as we carry so much love for anything Doctor Who related. Keep in mind that the team at Tiny Rebel Games are working along with the BBC Doctor Who team and BBC Worldwide LTD. – previously known as BBC Enterprises LTD. With amazing work from the team at Tiny Rebel Games, Seed Studio, & and the BBC team, we had to work tirelessly to book a spot for the creative minds behind Doctor Who: Legacy to be on The DN Show – which has already taken place. Stay tuned with our website for more information regarding future updates and to keep you informed about everything Doctor Who. You can check the trailer for this game below.

Get an exclusive item by using this code 8994-6632-9342-2755 – Expires by end of August.

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