Need for Speed: No Limits – Blackridge Update [Version 1.0.31]

We were wondering what on earth happened to Need for Speed: No Limits [Free]. Has it been forgotten? Has it been abandoned? We expected news about it within the last 30 days and we feared the worst. Rejoice, ladies and gentlemen, we got great news for you. Perhaps, update 1.0.31 can explain what has been going on. Electronic Arts has decided to update the game while it is still in Soft Launch in Taiwan and the Netherlands with amazing new content. Remember that this update comes after 5 months of silence so this means a lot!

The new update introduces a new car series with over 800 new car-specific events to build your garage and reputation. Also, the new special events allow you to win exclusive high-profile cars but you have to face the challenges ahead. In addition, you can race in day or night with new cars like the Pagani Huayra and Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 in recently introduced mental modes such as Nitro Rush, Getaway, and Airborne. If this is not fascinating enough, then how about a new map called Blackridge.

While we expected the game to be released a bit earlier to the worldwide audience, the company wanted to surprise us with more content and improve the game based on the feedback they got from players in Taiwan and the Netherlands. Following this update, the game is definitely on the verge of release and while we do not know when exactly, we will keep a hawkish eye on it and try to contact the developers to see what beans they can spill, if any. You can check the trailer for this game below.

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