Marvel’s Secret Wars comes to Marvel Future Fight & Spider-Man Unlimited

If you are a Marvel fan, then the name Secret Wars is not alien to you. But to remind those who may have forgotten, Secret Wars is a twelve-issue comic series that was published from May 1984 – April 1985. The plot then revolved around a cosmic entity called Beyonder who selects heroes and villains to teleport them to Battleworld where they engage against each other. It was in this series where many characters developed and that is why Secret Wars is considered as the holy grail of the Marvel universe.

In 2015, Marvel re-introduced Secret Wars in a new mini-series which continues after the ”Time Runs Out” event from the ending storylines of Avengers and The New Avengers. In addition, issue #9 of the Secret Wars series will be arriving this December to the stores. This is where the fascinating additions to Marvel Future Fight & Spider-Man Unlimited come from. With the new update, both games receive new heroes and costumes. Let us discuss what Marvel Future Fight has received.

3 fascinating new characters were taken from the recent Secret Wars A-Force series and have been introduced in update 1.4.1: Sister Grimm, She-Hulk, and Singularity. On top of that, existing characters received new character designs as well, such as Captain Marvel’s Hala Field costume, 1602’s Angela, 1872’s Bullseye, Future Imperfect’s Maestro, and Marvel Zombie’s Venom. However, this is not all! Black Widow, Captain America, Groot, Iron Man, Kingpin, and Spider-Man received new designs also.

Furthermore, a new Battleworld 2v2 Tag Team PvP mode has been added with 5 heroes in a team. A new tournament event system dubbed Taskmaster’s Killiseum was added. And for those who have been collecting the Secret Wars series, you can now collect Secret Wars comic covers in Marvel Future Fight. There has been improvements to the game such as rebalancing Villain Siege and Alliance Contribution Points.

What Spider-Man Unlimited gets is not any less intriguing than Marvel Future Fight. We will see a new alliance mode while introducing an interesting plot about Spider-Island. More will be known about Spider-Man Unlimited as the update is not live yet, but go check Marvel Future Fight since its update is available worldwide.

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