Riptide GP: Renegade – Coming Soon

At one point in time, when mobile enthusiasts wanted to show off the capabilities of their phones, they would demonstrate Riptide GP‘s lifelike graphics. Back when the first instalment was released, it was boasted to be ”the first ever console-quality water racing game for mobile.” There was no doubt about their claims, the game truly raised the bar for a next-generation experience on mobile devices. And now, the futuristic jet racing game is making another comeback with its next gigantic title Riptide GP: Renegade, the first title of the series to actually be designed with consoles in mind. But don’t worry, it will be coming to mobile devices after its release to consoles!

Vector Unit promises a lot more than what we have previously seen in the Riptide GP franchise. The game will have Next Gen Water Racing with more advanced dynamic water racing experience, enhanced water physics, and more realistic splash effects. In addition, the game will contain more interesting environments that include interactive elements, secret shortcuts, and better designed obstacles.

The career mode will have an interesting plot, placing you against worthy bosses, offering you unlimited jet customization, and unlocking dangerous stunts. While we all love a good career mode, we all wanted an online experience and it is an online experience that Vector Unit promises to deliver. There will be an online and local multiplayer where you can party up with friends or compete with strangers. This does include Split Screen Multiplayer which may be exclusive to console, but we will learn more about it soon.

Finally, the game looks brilliantly designed with cop chases, complex environments, superb graphics, and a water racing experience that will not be forgotten. The developers mentioned that the mobile version will be similar to the console version with minor adjustment to the graphics. Scaling down the visual effects wont have much impact on the game, but we will be comparing both versions once the game is released. Stay tuned for more information on this game. Click here to listen to our interview with the Co-Founder of Vector Unit where we discussed the Riptide GP series and the upcoming Renegade installment. You can watch the trailer for this game below.

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