The Deer God – Out Now

From the masters of open world games comes a breathtaking adventure that’s designed with 3D graphics and polished in pixel art. Crescent Moon Games has just released The Deer God [$8.99], the open world platformer. Initially,we noticed the game through a twitter announcement. However the game is on 30% launch sale for $6.99. After further investigation, the game caught our attention. Yes, we have seen games about goats but we haven’t seen interesting games revolving around deer, but let us share with you what captivated us about The Deer God.

The game may not appeal to everyone in terms of graphics due to the pixelated approach that the developers have taken, but if you are a fan of Minecraft‘s graphics, then it is safe to say that you will find this title appealing in that department. We tested the game on PC as well as IOS, and on a personal level, we can tell you that the visuals made us fall in love with the game even more. However, the real beauty behind this game is its fundamental principles that challenge your long-held beliefs. Its survival elements bring reincarnation to the formula through a spiritual scope that makes you wonder about life’s philosophical questions.

You were a merciless human being; a deer hunter. You were killed in the process of hunting. But lo and behold, the Deer God brings you back to life as a deer, to help you understand and sympathize with the poor creatures that you used to hunt. Karma sucks! But this is the situation you are damned to endure, and it is your turn to survive as a deer. Now that you live as a different creature; how will you approach this new world? What moral compass will you follow?

The game has MFi Controller support with a night and day system. It is its dark storyline really that carries the game’s phenomenal attraction. You get unlock secrets and solve ancient puzzles. You will find the gameplay very fun and the music complements the experience with its amazing soundtrack composed by Evan Gipson.


Behind the concept of The Deer God lies a great idea. It is a thought provoking experience that we are profoundly excited to delve into. Currently, the game is released for PC, and iOS. You can watch the trailer for this game below.

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