I Am Bread – Review

If you enjoyed the madness of Surgeon Simulator, then buckle up because you are about to encounter a world of insanity in I Am Bread [$4.99]. If you see a pattern of peculiar coding, novel concepts, and bizarre gameplay; that is because both games come from Bossa Studios. What I Am Bread brings about is an open world bread simulation experience. So imagine the goat in Goat Simulator being swapped for a bread! Although it does not match Surgeon Simulator in the absurdity of its physics, it compensates with its charming comical world and addictive arduousness.

With a bit of common sense and perhaps past experience, the game’s objectives can be easily unravelled. The main objective of this game is to lead Bread (a fine, young hero) through a large, detailed house and use any means necessary to get toasted. While the orthodox method would usually be the toaster, in this game you can be creative and use tools such as a lamp, a hair dryer, or a blazing wreckage of a TV!

You get to play through 8 levels (approximately 6 hours of gameplay) and embark on an adventure with Bread from its natural habitat, the kitchen, to other sub-urban themed areas such as the lounge, bedroom, bathroom, garage, garden, and petrol station. Fundamentally, this title is a puzzle game and is designed with the most unimaginable of mechanics. As you make your way through the house, you need to avoid dirty surfaces so that your ”Edibility” or health doesn’t drop, which makes sense. Who would want to eat a dirty slice of bread, right?

The graphics look fabulous with greatly detailed environments that look precise in comparison to a real house setting. One thing you will really love is the physics effect where you get the same reaction as a real bread would react when it falls or hypothetically move around. In addition, the sound effects complement the game’s environment and make it feel more alive.

I Am Bread is not as simple as it sounds. Not at all. As you can imagine, manipulating a slice of bread to make its way across the house can require a consistent combination of dexterity, accuracy, and speed. The game will frustrate you and you will build up anger towards every slice of bread in existence as a result. But with the spirit of failure comes the intrigue of trying again and attempting success one more time. The main elements at work when manipulating Bread are its four corners and when the corners are made to touch a surface it grabs onto it and then you continue to move it accordingly.

This is where controls come into play. It is well designed to work smoothly with touch screen and has been built to balance between game difficulty and controls responsiveness. The initial tutorial makes it easier for you to learn how the control system functions and mastery, really, becomes a matter of skills as you progress in the game. We do believe the control system will frustrate many of you due to the way it has been implemented but it only gets better as you experiment more with the game and learn that this is what actually makes the puzzle experience harder and more fun. However, we must say that this game is not for the impatient players.

Finally, I Am Bread is an educational journey and you will learn that the basis of this game is trial & error. For its preposterous concept, grueling gameplay, meticulous environments, and precise physics; I Am Bread effortlessly tops our list of perplexing puzzle games of 2015. With experimentation, you will discover the most unthinkable ways to bring about the toasting of your bread. To many it may come across as another fun puzzle game, but who would have imagined that the protagonist, if you will, of a game can be a slice of bread? It is a product designed by people who think outside the box, so maybe it is our turn to think in original ways and get that bread toasted. You can check the trailer for this game below.

We rate it 8.4/10

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