Star Wars: Uprising – Out Now

Kabam & Disney have just officially released their much anticipated, action role-playing game, Star Wars: Uprising [Free]. The most attractive aspect about this isometric top-down game is that it supports a 4 player real-time co-op mode where you get to play alongside your friends in your battle against the empire. The game mirrors the events that took place between the 6th episode of the Star Wars series Return of the Jedi and the upcoming 7th episode The Force Awakens – which is set to launch in cinemas worldwide on December 18, 2015. So this game is definitely for you if you are a fan of this franchise.

The game allows you to customize your character based on a wide range of species, skills, visual communications, & classic Star Wars gear – to become a favourite Star Wars hero or a unique hero of your own making. The playable classes include Bounty Hunter, Diplomat, Gambler, Rebel Guerilla, Smuggler, and the new Mirialan. With the excess of customization possibilities, the game definitely allows you to re-play it while providing a new experience with each unique customization. In addition, memorable locations such as Hoth, Burnin Konn, & Cloud City will be visited in the game. These locations are all fascinating and have a great history behind them.

The game is now available worldwide for iOS & Android devices. Millions of players have already joined the fight and now it is your turn to stand up with your friends against the evil empire! You can watch the launch trailer for this game below.

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