Episode 8 – An Interview with the Co-Founder of Super Evil Megacorp

This week we were very lucky to sit down with the Co-Founder & CPO of Super Evil Megacorp, the company behind the MOBA success, Vainglory. Our guest was Q Wang, who previously worked with Playfish, and then co-founded Super Evil Megacorp. He currently runs all aspects of product management while being responsible of front-end user interface coding. In addition, we got to briefly talk with Heini Vesander, the Marketing & Communications Director of Super Evil Megacorp, who was previously Head of Communications at Supercell. We hope you enjoy what they had to say about how the game came to be, the recent updates, and what the future holds for the game that is loved by millions, Vainglory (Free).

Huge thanks to our special guests Q Wang & Heini Vesander from Super Evil Megacorp for joining us as well as to our wonderful listeners who have been supportive, cooperative, and patient with us. Please click here to subscribe and rate us on iTunes & follow and like us on Mobcrush.

Want to get ahold of Q & Heini across the web?


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