Total War Battles: Kingdom – Soft Launched

Not many titles survive the test of time and those that do, deserve the celebration that they have earned. From the Total War series comes a new game to iPad, Total War Battles: Kingdom [Free]. This new title, in a 15 year old franchise, strays from the conventional mechanics that other titles followed. Instead of focusing on the real-time strategy element, it rather revolves more around building a kingdom in a gigantic world, micro-managing a start-up economy, manipulating nature by forming rivers and mountains, and commanding large-scale battles in real time.
Total War Battles: Kingdom aligns under the raiding-strategy genre, much similar to Clash of Clans. Fascinatingly, the game can be downloaded on PC through Steam as well as soft launched for iPad in the Canadian App Store. The game supports cross platform between PC and iOS Tablet and your progress can be continued on one or the other, so this should be an interesting experience which is very mobile supportive since it brings more PC players to the mobile gaming world.
Finally, SEGA’s Total War series is continuing its legacy on the mobile platform and we definitely want to see where they take us with Total War Battles: Kingdom. There is no official release date for the international community yet, but you can create a Canadian Apple ID and try it out. You can check the announcement trailer for this game below.

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