Clash of Clans – September 17 Update: Spell Superiority & Clan War Tiebreaker (Out Now)

When Clash of Clans [Free] receives an update, everyone becomes enthusiastic as if it’s a game newly released. For a 3 year old freemium game, it’s going stronger than ever; reaching over 100 million downloads. This time update 7.200.7 focuses on spell superiority and clan war tiebreaker, among other features.

Let’s start with spells; Lightning, Poison, Earthquake, and Freeze spells have now been improved and reworked; enhanced to affect defending air troops. The new Lightning Spell level 7 affects buildings and troops alike while Lightning Spells level 5 & 6 have increased damage now. It is suffice to add that Lightning Spell 6 is available at Town Hall 9. Interestingly, Lightning Spell bolts have been recharged to strike at a closer proximity than before; making them less likely to miss. It has been added to Town Hall level 10 along with 25 new wall pieces.

As for Poison Spells, troops are less vulnerable to damage initially but receive more damage over time. Poison Spell damage has been dramatically increased to the point of affecting target even after the spell has stopped; reducing the attack rate of defending troops.

In terms of Earthquake Spell, the damage has been increased regardless of a building’s hit-points. Having four Earthquake Spells performed, any level of wall can be destroyed. And with repeating the spell you can cause great damage to the same buildings. All buildings only need to be decreased to 0 HP with no more building execution rules in effect.

Also, this new update introduces a new feature for Freeze Spells; allowing you to freeze defending air troops. Now Freeze Spells have become more useful than before.

Previously, if two clans had same amount of score they would end up in a tie. Supercell thought that a tiebreaker would make wars more interesting; therefore adding a tiebreaker feature. If one clan has a higher percentage of total destruction in comparison to the other, then this clan will break the tie and win.

Morever, Clans tabs now include Attack & Defense tabs for quick view of all the best attacks each clan performed. But probably the most epic feature about this update is that Wall Level 11 has a wonderful new look. Finally, some game balances worth mentioning: Lava Hounds will no longer be able to target air troops; Freeze Spells now affect defending troops; Attacking troops can now face defending troops from a farther distance than before; Titan II & Titan III Leagues can purchase 1 week shields from the Shop; and the Army Overview button can now be accessed from the Clan War map.

This all sounds like a lot has been added to the game and clashers have more features to get used to with the recent revamping and balancing of the game. The update is now available, so go grab it and master these new features. Also, make sure to read our article about ClashCon by clicking here to learn about the biggest Clash of Clans Convention taking place this October 24th.


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