Just Cause 3: The Wingsuit Experience – A Thrilling Gyroscope & VR Adventure

Just Cause is an extremely successful console franchise that has earned its place in the hearts of hardcore gamers. Now that Just Cause 3 is on the verge of release, scheduled for December 1st, 2015; Square Enix (which acts as the distributor) has decided to advertise for the upcoming console game by releasing an app that demonstrates the massive and beautiful world of Just Cause 3. The newly released app is called Just Cause 3: The Wingsuit Experience [Free] and it is available for both, iOS & Android.

Once you launch into the app, you control the screen through gyroscope where you see a very beautiful world in full 360-degree with top notch graphics. What you are really looking at is the Mediterranean island of Medici that will be available in Just Cause 3. This is a first of its kind app where it merges real in-engine capture from the console title along with Mindlight’s original 360-degree video capture technology. You can choose which locations to visit by clicking on the menu option and going into Tourism Map.

Flying in Just Cause is a sort of a trademark that has identified the experience of the console franchise for a long time. Since the experience has been enhanced in the upcoming instalment, the app allows you to take a glimpse of the wingsuit’s thrilling ride. Not only can you utilize the gyroscope, but a Virtual Reality option is incorporated to give you the feeling of flying in the air at hundreds of feet above grounds like never before. But the Virtual Reality option requires a Google Cardboard or any other Virtual Reality goggles.

Additionally, there are extra features that give you background information on Medici’s key towns and history and extra content that will follow in upcoming updates before the release of Just Cause 3. The fictional Island is ruled by a brutal dictator, General Di Ravello, who is plotting for world domination and the protagonist makes it his mission to stop him in the upcoming game.

Finally, this app is worth checking out if you are a Just Cause fan or simply a mobile gaming enthusiast because this rich experience shows us a peek into the future of mobile gaming. Join the protagonist, Rico Rodriguez, on his wingsuit flying and skydiving adventure where you get to behold the beauty of The Mediterranean Island of Medici & its neighboring islands. You can check the trailer for this fascinating app below.

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