Need for Speed: No Limits – Coming September 30th!

Luckily, we write you today with an earlier release date than planned for Need for Speed: No Limits. We know how much you’ve been waiting for this magnificent racing game and we have been following our readers’ great interest in the Need for Speed articles; therefore we decided to put this game as our top priority. Without further ado, Need for Speed: No Limits is set for release worldwide on September 30th!

This has been confirmed by EA Mobile so this week should be getting us all worked up with this gorgeous game. Now you have an official release date and can wait for this game with excitement. If you want to learn more about Need for Speed: No Limits, we recommend that you read our first article about it by clicking here and you can learn about the recent Blackridge update by clicking here. You can check the latest teaser trailer for this game below.

4 thoughts on “Need for Speed: No Limits – Coming September 30th!

  1. Pfft already have it, just waiting for it tobe released so they can work on updates. You’ll think it’s sick at first, but it’ll get a bit boring after a while. Not saying it’s bad game, it’ll just get boring. You should talk with the developers of NFS No Limits, about adding live multiplayer like Asphalt 8 multiplayer. Pretty good game.


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