Vainglory: Phinn Update (1.9) – New Hero, Guild System, Autumn Map & More! (Out Now)

With Super Evil Megacorp invading TwitchCon, which they elaborated on during the interview; they streamed and foretold of what new things will be coming in update 1.9 for Vainglory [Free] which is out now! They discussed the seasonal model which with every three months (with the end of each season) ranks will be reset; a competitive system that will officially start this October. Additionally, they introduced limited-time skins and a seasonal map that will be available and remain around until the end of season one. Yes, that means the map will have additional features and vary in its colours with every season! This upcoming map will be called the Autumn Map, so you will see a halloween-ish theme in the Halcyon Fold with pumpkins, frail trees, and a visually stunning dark themed layout.

Of course, for the upcoming update there will be a whole new hero: Phinn! This new tank (and is believed to be the strongest of tank characters yet) will come with solid perks:

  • Unstoppable – Phinn’s hero perk allows him to avoid stuns, turning them into a slow (cannot be slowed for more than 30%). It also increases his defense 15% with every defense item purchased.
  • Quibble – Slams his hook on the ground causing a decent amount of damage. Overdrive makes ability stun.
  • Polite Company – Stomps the earth causing enemy characters to launch towards him by several meters while giving allies defensive bonuses. Also damages enemy characters in AoE & Overdrive increases pull.
  • Forced Accord – Phinn throws out his hook and drags all enemies in front of his path (possibly all three enemy characters). This move can be catastrophic to the enemy team and extremely hard to avoid.

As far as lore goes, Phinn has been described as a ”Monster” throughout the realm and has been infamous for kidnapping princesses without mercy. As a Vainglory character, he is probably the tankiest that the game will ever have (as far as we know). He is a very slow hero and may need to be buffed with boots to give him extra speed, but his defense stats is what really shines about him; thus making him an ideal support hero in competitive matches.

Previous characters have not been forgotten in this update. Skye has been buffed even more than before. Her Target Lock perk procs move speed on first attack, while Suri Strike has increased in reliability and now resets Forward Barrage. On the other hand, we find that Ringo has been strengthened also; with his Twirling Silver’s attack speed increasing with each rank and cool down changed to 6 seconds at all ranks.

Not only will Petal get a new limited skin but will be fully revamped with all new abilities because players have been complaining about her being underpowered. Behold the new Petal abilities:

  • Munions – Petal’s heroic perk where she controls 3 munion pets. In addition, after Petal plants a seed, it will grow into a munion and a maximum of 2 pets. If a munion bites an enemy target, Petal gains 10-40% attack speed for 1.5 seconds.
  • Brambleboom Seeds – Petal plants this seed in front her which sprout into pets after a brief delay (up to 3 pets). Seeds that do remain on the ground provide healing and defensive abilities to allies. The seeds also provide a vision radius, surviving for 20 seconds or until Petal leaves the vicinity. The seed explodes if an enemy steps on it, knocking the enemy back.
  • Trampoline – If activated once standing on a boom seed, it launches the hero forward while rallying all Petal’s pets back to her location.
  • Spontaneous Combustion – Once activated, Petal commands her pets to self explode one at a time, causing immense amount of damage; turning exploded pets into seeds. Pets become invincible during channeling.

All the other characters will receive minor changes apart from Fortress, Joule, Koshka, Krul, and SAW. On top of that, Turrets have been revamped to regenerate a certain amount of barrier when inactive.

Moreover, new skins are expected to come; especially for Celeste and Petal (which are for a limited time only). The Baewitched Celeste skin will be for a limited time only and you can no longer get it when it’s removed around Halloween time, but you can play with it if you already got it when it was available. So you can make your friends jealous with a skin that they will not be able to get for a very long time.

Pumpkin Spice Petal is another adorable skin which will be available until Halloween time and then removed from Market. The same thing applies to this skin as was mentioned previously. This skin definitely makes Petal look a bit more scarier and is more seriously taken on the battlefield!

Other characters will receive new skins as well: Taka and Krul. Taka will receive the Shiro Kage Taka Tier II, and Krul will receive the Death Metal Krul II. They both look fascinating and for players who fan these heroes, you have new skins to unlock.

As a token of appreciation, Super Evil Megacorp is giving all iOS players a free Celeste and all new Android players a free Taka. That is great news because both heroes are very strong if equipped in the right hands.

Finally, one of the most exciting and awaited feature about update 1.9 is the ability to create Guilds & Teams by using Glory or ICE. With Guilds, you will be able to join together and earn awards in competitive matches. The Guild system includes tags, chat rooms, and in-game overlays. The role system of a guild is composed of: Leader, Veteran, Member, and Initiate.

However, for Teams, it seems that this system has been made for the ultra-competitive players due to it limiting 6 players to be in a team while allowing 20-50 to be in a guild. With Teams, matches generate a team skill tier which is utilized in seeding the right opposing team to match against. Teams are expected to have similar features to Guilds as well.

We are very excited for update 1.9 which is out now and seems to be the biggest update Vainglory has ever had! With a new seasonal map, a new hero, new skins, new guild & team system, revamped heroes, and game changing tweaks and changes; the competition has only become much more fierce than it ever was. Stay tuned with our website for more information on Vainglory. You can view the full image for new hero, Phinn, below.

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