80 Days: Season 2 Update (1.2) – Out Now

I remember very vividly when my father gave me a classic novel, Around The World In 80 Days, as a gift on my birthday. It is a memorable book that to this day remains as one of my favourite reads of all time. But I wouldn’t have guessed that developer Inkle Studios would bring it to life one day. Before we touch on Update 1.2, we will briefly discuss what 80 Days [$4.99] is fundamentally about.

The plot revolves around the English gentleman Phileas Fogg & French valet Jean Passepartout as they try to confirm Phileas’ wager (following a debate with his fellow club members) about traveling the world in 80 days. Without spoiling the story for those who did not read it, let us look into what the game allows you to do. You get to decide your adventure in the form of making choices through pop-up text; thus making decisions that affect your game’s progress.

Given a 3D globe, you get to travel the world by airship, submarine, mechanical camel,and steam-train; racing other players in an unprecedented race. There are more than 150 cities to explore, with research and technology being an important aspect of the game. To put it mildly, it is an interactive story where you get to experience the genuine adventure of the classic book like never before. With each city, you will learn secrets and witness events that will keep you thrilled.

This is a network-connected app which provides a live feed revealing the position of all the players engaging in the game; along with their routes, triumphs, and disasters. In addition, you can share your own journey with your friends, and compete with them in a global race.

Now that you know the essence of what 80 Days is, let us discuss the recent update (1.2). If what we previously told you about the game did not convince you to play this game, the content of this new update might. Inkle Studios introduced approximately 30 new cities, which increases the number of cities in the game to 169 cities! Also, now you can explore South America, North America, and Canada on a massive scale. With the opening of these new possibilities to the ”New World” you get to roam the mysteries of Machu Picchu, Meteora Valley, Niagara Falls, and even the Moon (which is not located on Earth).

With a new plot introduced, the game has got a lot more interesting than it was before; bringing alternative endings and hundreds of new characters to meet. Having added over 100,000 words to this update, Inkle Studios proudly acknowledges 80 Days to be composed of around 750,000 words of novelty. Without keeping you any longer, we highly recommend this educational and immersive game; especially now that it has received a huge update. You can watch the trailer for this game below.

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